Travel Reimbursement Approvals Delegated to UNH BSC's

As of Monday, February 2, 2009 , the Banner Finance approval queues were changed in order to delegate the approval of all travel documents to the UNH BSC staff.  This change affected 31 approval queues.  The change makes possible the delegation of approval authority to the UNH BSC staff as agreed upon by USNH Financial Services and the VP Finance at UNH which was discussed at FAC on 1/20/2009 and at FAF on 1/21/2009. 

As a result of the approval delegation:
Banner invoice transaction for less than $1000 which completed after 2/2 at 11:14, will no longer require USNH AP's review and approval.  The BSC's approval is applied following review and determination that the documentation is complete. The invoice supporting documentation must be directly sent to FAST-Imaging to be scanned into Liberty to be available upon the check run audit/review.  If the documentation is not found in Liberty it could delay the release of the payment/check.

Banner invoice transactions for $1000 or more will continue to require USNH AP's review and approval. However following the BSC review and application of their level of approval, the supporting documentation should be forwarded to FAST-Imaging ASAP to be scanned into Liberty.  USNH AP staff will scan the approval queues and will access the supporting information from Liberty in order to review and approve the Banner invoice.  [Remember that except for emergency situations, it is not recommended that advance copies of the invoice supporting documentation be faxed, emailed or sent to USNH AP in order to speed the review/approval process.]

How will travel advances be handled?  Effective immediately, all travel advances issued by USNH AP to travelers will be entered as a credit memo transaction. This will ensure that the open advance is recovered from the employee on the next Banner invoice transaction processed for the employee.  Please contact your USNH Accounts Payable partner if you have questions or concerns that the collection will not occur against the appropriate travel transaction.

Thanks in advance for your assistance and patience as we all adjust to the new procedures.  I am excited that we are able to make this change that should be a positive business change for both operations, yours and ours.  If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to contact your AP partner or Jay Lamoureux at 2-4512.

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