Responsibility List by Campus/BSC

The Accounts Payable department has reorganized so that the day-to-day workload is spread across all four staff members. This change will provide better service to all campuses/BSCs. Each campus/BSC will have an individual assigned to take care of their business needs. See the list below to contact who is responsible for your area.

A/P Email:
A/P Main Phone: 862-1474
A/P Fax: 862-2123
Jay Lamoureux Disbursements Service Manager 862-4512
Lynn Anderson  Sr. Business Services Assistant 862-2642
Nancy Peterson Financial Support Specialist 862-4159
Vacant  Sr. Business Services Assistant 862-4329

Description Who to Contact
Travel Advances Lynn Anderson
Travel Reimbursement Lynn Anderson
Wire Payments Nancy Peterson
Express Checks AP's BSC/Department Contact
See List Below
Petty Cash Replenishments
Check Voids/Cancels/Reissues
General Invoice and Vendor Questions
Campus/BSC Who To Contact
Academic Affairs 
   (Including Student Affairs and Library)
Business Affairs Vacant
Central Administration
   (including Athletics)
Nancy Peterson
CEPS Lynn Anderson
CHHS Lynn Anderson
CIS - IT Vacant
COLA Vacant
COLSA Lynn Anderson
Cooperative Extension Lynn Anderson
Energy & Campus Development Nancy Peterson
EOS/Earth Systems Sciences Vacant
EOS/Space & Ocean Sciences Vacant
Facilities Nancy Peterson
Paul College Lynn Anderson
Research & Public Service (R&PS) Vacant
UNHL Nancy Peterson
UNHM Lynn Anderson
GSC Vacant
KSC Vacant
PSU Lynn Anderson
System - 5 Chenell Drive Nancy Peterson

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