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Project Description
Project Server Public Documents Used for general access by all members of this community. This is where information shared across all projects would be listed.

Currently Active Projects
Banner 8x Oct-2010
Multi-year Encumbering  
Review & BPR work for Effort Reporting In discussion-test area ready Jul-2010
Implement IAT for ACH  
UNH Advancement Interface Integrated testing is complete
UNH FAMIS Interface Fall-2010
Review, Plan and implement Banner Blanket PO Review complete by May-2010
Implement for FAMIS go live
Unimarket (eProcurement) - Phase II Fall-2010
API for OSR InfoEd interface - GBIL BF-#1 - being coded now
API for OSR InfoEd Interface - ADDR BF-#2 - being coded now
Provide 1099 Reporting in MR BF-#MR-2 - would like by fall 2010
Migrate from Liberty to BDMS BF-#F-3 - Several document types completed
Update/Automate Fund Create form & process (FAST) BF-#F-1 - required for UNH Advancement go-live

SunGardHE and Large School Consortium (LSC)
LSC Finance Special Interest Group (SIG) Ongoing group
SGHE Commons Live now
Will replace listserves
SGHE Community Source effort  
USNH Check Selection Process (FZBCHKS) Scheduled for baseline 2 H 2010
UofI IDC encumbrance process In review

Planned Projects not yet started
Common Archival Strategy   802 - Aug-2010
Cash and Banking systems review 1663 - Not yet scheduled
Spreadsheet budgeting review 1664 - Aug-2010 (With Banner 8x)
Banner 8 effort reporting review 1668 - Jul-2010 (Available for BPR in test)
Rebudgeting Tool Implementation 1667 - After Banner 8x
Implement CRIS 1665 - Not yet scheduled

Best Fit Projects
FTVFUND file transfer #3 - needed by June for UNH advancement system go-live
ACCI file transfer process #4 -
Attribute file transfer process #5 -
Mask SSN on FTMVEND #6 - with Banner 8x
Enable return of ID from GUAITLI to FTMVEND #7 - with Banner 8x
Assess possibility of creating a process which would better support the year-end carry forward process better. #8 - Would be needed by 7/1/2010 fully tested and in production for it to be useful this year.
Common feed validations Back room processing need to make feed processing more consistent - once consistency is agreed upon - can be done over time.
Provide additional PCard data in MR #MR-1 - holding until data is reevaluated
Bid activity in MR #MR-3 - would like by fall 2011
Misc Unimarket reporting in MR #MR-4 - would like by fall 2011
OSR request in MR #MR-5 -
Create new Year-end Workpaper site (FAST) #F-2 - for FY 2011 close

Potential Future Projects
Review & modify as needed in prep for 2011 IRS changes to 1099 reporting Needs to be complete and in place by Feb-2011

Projects on Hold
Feasibility Study for KSC and PSU Student Rebates  
Non-Student A/R forms   803 - Feb-2009
EPM Phase 1 Proj 143
PCard Vendor Xwalk enhancement 303 - Jul-2009 - holding for UNM solution

Completed Projects Archive
Full Projects:  
Grant Re-Budgeting Design  
Grant Close-out Phase II  
2008 Forum Projects Planning  
Printing replacement  
ACH for Vendors  
UNH Electronic Refunds for students  
1099 Process Improvement   800 - Nov-2009
Buy/Pay Bus Process Redesign 1662 - May-2009
SSN Remediation Feasibility Study           Jan-2009
Non-Student A/R forms   803 - Feb-2009
SSN Remediation Implementation 1668 - Oct-2009
Unimarket (eProcurement) - Phase I Jan 2010
Best Fit Projects  
PSU Electronic Refunds for students #4 - in process now
Load process for Payroll Checks #1 - is needed for new government rule regarding unpaid CWS funds over 240 days
Review and Implement Fixed Billing for OSR #5 - in process now
SGHE & LSC Groups  
Completed Spring 2009
LSC SIG Completed Spring 2009
LSC SIG Completed Spring 2009
IAT Compliance change for ACH Completed Fall 2009



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