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MUB Theater I, 9-10 a.m. Highlights include: Review of Banner Query Forms and Open Q/A. (John Griffith)

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On Saturday and Sunday, February 16, 17, the systems will be unavailable while Oracle patches are applied.

Month-End processing information - 1/29 2:19 PM


This Thursday, January 31, 2002, marks the completion of our first month with Banner Finance, and a special effort needs to be made to clear up documents that are either incomplete or in approval queues. This is critical because the January accounting period will be closed at day-end on Thursday, after which time the system will allow only documents with February transaction dates to be posted. In other words, starting Friday, February 1st, documents with January transaction dates that are either incomplete or awaiting approval will need to be changed to reflect February transaction dates before they can be completed or approved, since these documents will be posted to February.

How do you make changes to a document that is in an approval queue?
To change a transaction date of a document that is in an approval queue, the document must first be disapproved. Once the document is disapproved, then the transaction date may be changed from January to February by any user who has access to update that document. The document will then be routed through the approval queues.

What if you know that a document will not be approved by day-end on Thursday. Should you just hold off and enter it on Friday? No, do not wait to enter the document. As a temporary solution, we are opening the next accounting period, February, a few days early. For instance, January will be open until day-end on Thursday, January 31, 2002 so you may continue to enter documents with January transaction dates until then. However, we are opening the February accounting period today to allow you to enter February transaction dates for those documents that you know will not make it all the way through the approval process by day-end on Thursday, January 31st. (Remember: the transaction date tells the system which month to post the document to. If a February transaction date is entered, the document will be posted to February.) We hope that by opening the next accounting period early, it will reduce the number of documents that will need to be disapproved and changed to reflect new dates.

Does this apply to all future month-ends?
Yes, until further notice. We realize that this is a cumbersome process and we are investigating alternative ways to post documents at month-end. We will notify you if alternative solutions are developed. Until then, we encourage you to be up-to-date with document approvals.

We at Project FRESH would like to congratulate you on a successful first month using Banner Finance. Your patience and willingness to learn the new system has been outstanding!

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We have some good news and some bad news!
We were successful in processing the first payroll feed in Banner Finance (BPRD) this weekend. However, in the process of posting, the encumbrances were inadvertently increased instead of decreased, which may have impacted some of your budgets. We are in the process of correcting it this afternoon.

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At yesterday's Banner Finance User Session, we stated that if you want a purchase order to be cancelled/closed in its entirety, then you are to send the request to Purchasing via e-mail. This request should be sent to the "Purchasing" distribution list in the global address of Outlook or to Please include the purchase order number and a brief explanation for canceling/closing the PO. Your synopsis should also state whether the vendor needs to be notified.

Please keep in mind that this procedure is to cancel/close an entire purchase order. Any modifications to purchase orders should be done using change orders.

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Good Afternoon,

The following instructions, written by Diane Semenchuck, identifies how to use Soundex to search for vendors. Thanks, Diane, for sharing this information with us.

I was asked to provide some instruction for using Soundex in Banner to search for vendors - so here it is. If I've missed someone in this email, please pass it on.

Soundex can be used to search person or non-person records in Banner from the form FTIIDEN. This feature allows users to enter search criteria that is not case sensitive. Although this isn't 100%, it may be helpful. See the end of this message for a very brief explanation of how soundex is actually translating the criteria you enter.

Access FTIIDEN from the direct access box on the main screen
Check the appropriate box to search by vendor, all, etc
Next block
You'll be in query mode at this point and must CANCEL the query to access soundex
Enter search criteria in the Last Name and/or First Name field
Choose "search" from the options menu or "execute" from the query menu to perform the search

If you access FTIIDEN from within FTMVEND by using the flashlight, you'll automatically be in query mode with the check box marked to search only by vendor. Cancel the query and access soundex. Perform a rollback if you need to check a different box other than searching by vendor.

The Soundex Algorithm

Soundex codes begin with the first letter of the surname followed by a three-digit code that represents the first three remaining consonants. Zeros will be added to names that do not have enough letters to be coded. Soundex Coding Guide (Consonants that sound alike have the same code).

1 - B,P,F,V
2 - C,S,G,J,K,Q,X,Z
3 - D,T
4 - L
5 - M,N
6 - R

The letters A,E,I,O,U,Y,H, and W are not coded. Names with adjacent letters having the same equivalent number are coded as one letter with a single number. Surname prefixes such as La, De and Van are generally not used in the soundex. Mc, Mac and O generally are not considered prefixes for soundex.

Website reference used:

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On the Gateway USNH Finance page, there is now a link to "Request Banner Finance User Account" in the left-hand navigation area.

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We delayed the sweeping of P-Cards from last Friday night to tonight(Tuesday, 1/22) to give you extra time to review the P-Card records. Please take a look at your respective transactions and make the appropriate changes. Transactions with FOAPALs that are not changed will be charged to the default FOAPALS when they are posted tonight. (Nancy Gaskill)

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There are approximately 2,400 P-card records with sweep dates of 1/18/02 that have not been reviewed yet. Please take a look at your respective documents and make any necessary changes. These documents will be charged to the FOAPAL defaults when they are posted Friday night. (Nancy Gaskill)

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Some users are finding that not all documents they originate are appearing in FOADOCU for their user id. In addition, there are documents that they did not originate and complete that are appearing in FOADOCU under their user id. Upon further investigation, we have found a defect on the FOADOCU form. The problem is as follows:

  • UserABC logs into Banner.
  • UserABC goes to FOADOCU and enters UserXYZ in the Orig ID to see which documents UserXYZ originated.
  • UserABC exits FOADOCU and goes to FAAINVE to process and complete an invoice which is forwarded to approvals.
  • UserXYZ shows as the user id on the invoice and UserABC is the originator on FOAUAPP.
  • Run the approvals process
  • UserABC shows as the approver (implicit) in approvals history (FOIAPPH) but UserXYZ erroneously appears as the document originator in FOADOCU.

SCT Banner has been notified of the problem. However, until there is a fix, be careful when querying in FOADOCU for a user id other than your own. It is important that you have your own user name in the user id field in FOADOCU before exiting the form and processing transactions.

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Good News!

As of 6:00 pm today (Monday 1/14/02), we were successful in changing all the converted "blanket" purchase orders to "standing" purchase orders in Banner. As you may recall, these orders were originally converted as regular POs instead of "standing" POs, which are Banner's equivalent to CUFS "blanket" orders. You should be able to process invoices against these orders as expected. (Nancy)

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In an effort to keep Banner Finance Users well informed of the latest information, the following e-mail distribution lists have been established:


All Banner finance users Banner Finance Users
College for LifeLong Learning Banner Finance Users CLL
Keene State College Banner Finance Users KSC
Plymouth State College Banner Finance Users PSC
System's Office Banner Finance Users SYS
University of NH Banner Finance Users UNH

These lists include individuals who have Banner Finance accounts at each campus and they will be updated as accounts are added and deleted.

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Good Afternoon,

The following is an update on some of the Banner conversion issues that Project FRESH is working on:

It was discovered that CUFS "blanket" orders were converted as regular POAs rather than "standing" purchase orders in Banner. The good news is that we are currently testing a way in which these documents can be changed to "standing" POAs through an automated process. We anticipate making these changes around 12:00 noon on Monday 1/14/02, after which time you should be able to process transactions for "standing" (blanket) POAs as expected. You will be notified when the changes are made.

We have also looked into the question of whether the first accounting lines of some POs were converted as "closed." There were 104 POs that had the first accounting line in a closed status. In these cases, the accounting line was not closed during the conversion process, but was closed by someone selecting the "Final Payment Indicator" when processing an invoice for those POs.

As you may know, the most recent open values in CUFS for POBs (Banner general encumbrances) were not carried forward into Banner. It appears that transactions with acceptance dates between 12/7 and 12/17 are not reflected in the new system. This includes adjustments to POBs, liquidations of POBs (IV transactions) and creation of new POBs. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to correct these dollars in an automated manner. Therefore, we ask those individuals responsible for POBs to review them and make the necessary adjustments.

There are a number of other issues that we are working on and we will provide you with updates as information becomes available. Please also be aware that answers to some of the questions you have been asking will be posted on the USNH Gateway and the FRESH Web site.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we iron out the wrinkles of our new system.

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Reminder: to request Banner Help, use the link in the left-hand navigation menus.

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We are pleased that the cross-references for POAs and POBs that were converted from CUFS to Banner are now available on the Project FRESH Web site. You may access these lists through the "Banner/CUFS Crosswalk" page. Look for that link in the upper left-hand corner of the FRESH home page. (Nancy Gaskill)

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The BPRD environment will be unavailable starting at 5 p.m. today (Thursday) to allow running a special process. The result should be that your internally designated funds should operate as expected when you log in tomorrow. (Alice Samuel)

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There will be an open session for any interested Banner Finance users on Thursday, January 3rd, from 9:00 a.m. to Noon in the UNH Durham MUB Theater II, at which time we hope to address common questions, concerns, training issues, approval routing, and other items of interest. (Ken Cody).

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Good afternoon everyone.

As was discussed at today's open forum, there are some funds whose budget controls were not properly established in the BPRD environment. The incorrect controls have been reviewed and all impacted accounts identified. However, in order to affect the change we need to run a process in BPRD when user's are not accessing the system.

The budget control issue has caused many of you problems with data processing so we are anxious to get this behind us. To do this, we are going to bring BPRD down at 5 PM today and run this process. The result should be that your internally designated funds should operate as expected when you log in tomorrow.

Thanx for your patience - Alice

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