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Welcome to Banner User's FYI. This page is to help provide better communications as well as to provide Banner User's with a vehicle to provide feedback and report specific issues with the Banner system.

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Due to a technical issue, please use 6/29/2002 for all old year transactions. There is an issue with the default program changes made over the weekend. Technical staff are working on it and we will let you know as soon as it is corrected.

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The new year budgets have been successfully loaded into FY03 in Banner production. If you query through BAVL or BDST and you enter the new year (03) as the fiscal year - you should see your budgets reflected. No data entry is yet allowed in BPRD, but the budgets are out there.

Seeding FY03 budgets in Banner will not occur on June 15th, the fall back date of June 22nd will be used instead.

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The issue that we have been attempting to correct regarding those grant funds which had only budgets brought forward into Banner have also been corrected. The actual revenues and expenses relating to these budgets were booked to banner as of a 14th month adjustment to FY00. The dual year processing in banner carried the budget impact forward very nicely. Again, if you have one of those funds and you query the inception to date form you should see this budget has now been absorbed by the revenue and expenses. The BAVL and BDST items also reflect correct amounts.

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There is a little confusion with the PCard adjustment memo that went out yesterday. For those of you who are looking for adjustments, we needed to pick a point in time to correct the current problems. The correction was made for transactions through the end of May. It is possible that there will be additional problems that have occurred since then. Although the process we run finds the items that need to be corrected, if you find specific issues you want to bring to our attention, email us at These will be corrected in the final JV during 13th month. Thanks for understanding.

As Alice indicated earlier this week, PCard entries that were posting at amounts greater or less than the amounts of the transactions have been corrected. A journal entry was processed to adjust all entries with variances. WEBI reports should now reflect correct amounts.

For any of you who had PCard entries that were posting at amounts greater or less than the amount of the transaction - this has been corrected. We all understand this is not supposed to occur this way, and we are continuing to work diligently with SCT to correct it, but there are occasions where the amount posted on an invoice is not the same as the amount that was fed from the bank. A journal entry was processed to adjust all entries with variances to the tables on Saturday. There will be another adjustment for 13th month to catch any others that occur.

We have successfully identified how the over/under amounts can occur in the PCards area. A document will be coming shortly that clearly identifies how this occurs and will be posted to this list.

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A dedicated staff, including folks on loan from CIS, the Controller's Office and the UNH VPFA's Office are working to reconcile FY02 salary, wage and fringe benefits expenditures for all funds. The reconciliation process is quite involved and will take some time to ensure that final FY02 information is correct in amount and is posted to the correct FOAPALs. We feel comfortable with payroll data in the HUM system and will be using this information as the basis for the reconciliation.

One complication in the reconciliation process are manual adjustments posted to 61 and 65 account codes. We need your help to determine if these manual adjustments are legitimate corrections to personnel expenditures or if they should be reversed. A report detailing these manual adjustments will be posted to Banner FYI today for your review. We will be contacting you shortly thereafter to determine whether or not a reversal should be done.

Please be assured that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that Banner Finance data is accurate and timely. As progress is made we will communicate that information to you. We thank you once again for your patience.

A special team had been created to dedicate time to the payroll/encumbrance/benefit problems that we have been experiencing. They are currently testing a process that we believe will correct several of the outstanding issues. A reconciliation of the past two weeks' payrolls will also be completed to ensure the process works correctly. As a result of this testing, we will not be feeding the payroll labor feed for this week into Banner Finance (it is usually fed on Thursday or Friday) until we are certain the process is working. We hope to complete the feed early next week and will send out an update on when as soon as we can.

This in no way impacts anyone's paycheck or any processes in the HUM environment. It is limited only to posting the actual expenses and encumbrances in the Banner Finance tables.

Payroll detailed reconciliation process continues. An adjustment to the outstanding encumbrance amounts was made on May 31st, which corrected many encumbrances, however variances continue.

Several Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Manual Journal Entries have been processed through personnel account codes. A list is being generated of this activity and will be posted to this web for your review.

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At UNH only, any deferred tuition revenue recorded through the Banner Student system has not been journaled from current revenue to the deferred accounts since May. This is causing revenue accounts to be overstated by these amounts.

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