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Important Notice Regarding Journal Entries Made to Redistribute Payroll Charges

As we wrap up the work for our first year end in Banner we have recognized some things that need to change as we move forward. The most important of these involves redistributions of payroll charges done via journal entries. As you know, the preference is to complete these through the DCN process in place. However, in certain limited instances there is a need to move payroll expenses after-the-fact through the JV process. The most common reason for this is redistribution of prior fiscal year payroll expenses charged to grant funds after the fiscal year has closed. Because JV entries flow directly through Banner Finance (rather than via DCN through HRIS/HUM to CUFS then to Banner Finance) the CUFS Auto Process which normally calculates and posts the fringe benefit charge to Banner Finance is not activated and no fringe benefit charge is made. This has resulted in many variances between the expected fringe benefit expense and what was posted in Banner. To correct this in FY03 we are immediately instituting the following new procedures:

  1. All CURRENT year payroll redistributions must be processed as DCNs.
  2. PRIOR fiscal year payroll redistributions must be corrected through the Banner journal entry process and must also include additional lines to calculate and charge the associated fringe benefits using the appropriate fringe benefit rates. Departments MUST calculate these amounts and add these lines to the JVs before they 'complete' the JV documents.
  3. The Payroll and Accounting Services Departments will review the fringe benefit allocations for propriety before updating these JV transactions.
  4. Entries affecting payroll account codes which are currently awaiting approval will be denied. This will put the entries back in process so that you can add the necessary fringe benefit lines.

The fringe benefit rates in place for FY03 are as follows:

Grant Funds - full fringe rate = 39.5%

Grant Funds - partial fringe rate = 8.2%

Non-Grant Funds - full fringe rate = 37.0%

Please contact Linda Bisson at 862-3760 for assistance with individual transactions, and Thank You for all your patience and understanding.

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Payroll fees, including related fringe benefits, for Salary week 01 and Labor week 01 have been successfully posted to PBRD.

You should see the results of all HR encumbrances for FY03, plus the activity for the first two pay periods in FY03 in the Banner finance tables.

Thanx for your patience.

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The first payroll which encumbers all salary and wage activity that is encumbered by HR, as well as related fringe, has been posted to the Banner Production instance. This feed was first posted to BTST and then reconciled by the UNH VPFA office. After successful reconciliation, the feed was then fed to BPRD and will be reconciled once again.

The first actual payroll, Salary 01 and it's related fringe, is in the process of being fed to Banner Production today. This also was first fed to BTST and reconciled by the UNH VPFA office. That reconciliation was successful and this feed is being processed at this writing.

Labor 01 and 02, and Salary 02 have been processed into BTST and are in process of being reconciled.

Will keep you posted as others are completed and an expected date for July month end reports is available.

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Greetings all. Can you believe we finished all full month of FY03 already? It's been a quick month. July is closing tonight! Please remember, we have not posted any payroll or fringe into FY03 yet. When we do post them to FY03, they will be processed as July transactions.

Thanks for hanging in there with us. We should be making progress real soon.

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A quick note before describing the activity from this weekend. Please remember the MR data is 24 hours behind the production system. This means the data in MR will not reflect the impact of the rolls until Tuesday at the earliest.

On Saturday, the fringe adjustment was posted to all acounts and tied to the reconciliation worksheets using the data that has been circulated to all campuses. The FY02 payroll and fringe data you see in the tables in Banner finance have been reconciled to HUM and recalculated, respectively.

IDC was also calculated and posted in FY02 with respect to the adjusted fringe numbers. This activity was posted on Saturday after the fringe adjustment had successfully been posted.

The balance sheet and fund balances were rolled successfully. You should see accurate beginning balances displayed in Banner tables for all balance sheet activity as well as fund balances for FY03. The process ran successfully, all numbers were recalculated from the ledgers, all balance sheet activity was agreed to the balances Banner brought forward, and fund balances were randomly checked for accuracy.

The encumbrances were successfully either rolled or closed. Many of the encumbrances (including PBORs and POs) were closed during the week last week. Any remaining encumbrances that were not eligible to be rolled, were closed on Saturday. All POs eligible to be rolled - were rolled on Saturday - to the same document number and the same Fund-Orgn-Acct-Actv - all POs were altered to use program code 020, if they did not already. This means that all invoices received against prior year POs should not be entered unsing the original PO number. This is a change from CUFS - the PO number has not changed - it continues to be the same number as was originally entered. There are 9 PBORs from FY02 that have pending changes still outstanding. If you are the originator of one of these documents, you will be contacted over the next few weeks to determine an appropriate outcome for this document.

With the encumbrance rolls, an equal amount of expense and revenue budgets were also brought forward into FY03. The expense budget has been brought forward to the same Fund-Orgn-Acct-Prog-Actv as the encumbrance was brought forward to. An equal amount of revenue budget has been brought forward to the same Fund-Orgn-Acct-Prog-Actv and Account Code 580005. This has occured for all funds.

Lastly, the budget roll process has been executed. The last document finished updating successfully in Banner a few moments ago. Obviously, due to the length of time required to completely process these documents, they have not been fully reviewed and agreed to Banner data - that will be occurring on Monday. There were several account codes that were part of the budget roll - that are no longer in use. When this occurred, the account code was altered to the correct replacement for this activity. Those codes were:

7500 changed to 7900
8100 changed to 8O00
8110 changed to 8O10
8200 changed to 8l00
8210 changed to 8l10

All funds affected were grant funds and all funds were carried forward from FY01 previously. If you had budget remaining in one of the account codes listed on the left - the funds have been carried forward to the same Fund-Orgn-Prog-Actv using the account code on the right.

As with all other processes - this is our first set of year end rolls. those involved have done their best to check every issue and outcome to assure these processes provide the best information and utility for USNH users. However, as with all new events - there may have been unforeseen results. If you have any concerns or questions resulting from these major processes - please contact your campus help desk for assistance.

Lastly, a big note of thanks to a few folks who worked a 12 hour day on Saturday to complete these processes successfully as well as put in a few late nights the week before to prepare the system for the events of Saturday. thanks to Pat Ames, Stephanie Eno, Barbara Doane and Joe Poulin, our DBA on call.

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Greetings all. Several questions have arisen regarding purchase orders and "POBs" that have been liquidated this week. This is part of the process in preparing to roll the balances and remaining encumbrances under Banner.

This past week - all remaining "POB" items have been closed in FY 02, all remaining encumbrances for payroll activity and fringe benefits have been closed, many Purchase Orders and related change orders that do not qualify to be carried forward have been closed. Purchase orders that qualify to be carried over into the new year are;

-non-grant POs greater than $300 unless

  • the purchase order is for a service provider or consulting agreement
  • the purchase order was a blanket or standing order

-non-grant service provider or consulting agreements or standing (blanket) orders are carried forward - grant POs will all be carried forward regardless of dollar amount or type of order

This identified in the Old Year - New Year documentation and is also what has been done in the past. Only the timing of these events is somewhat different.

In the past, all of this was accomplished in one night at the end of 13th month. Under Banner, the carry forward process which Banner refers to as the encumbrance roll, will occur on Saturday this week. However, to run this process it is necessary to close all the FY02 encumbrances and POs that will not be carried over. To facilitate the process on Saturday - this has been occurring during this week.

The result of this activity will cause the tables to display a higher budget balance available than had been available prior to these items closing. This is what occurred in CUFS as well, although the timing was somewhat different. Items that will be carried cover remain encumbered today - when they are carried over - an equal amount of budget will also be carried over to the new year - as occurred in CUFS.

We hope this clarifies questions regarding the status of encumbrances and POs as well as budget available in FY02. If you have questions or concerns remaining - please contact you campus purchasing office or the fresh hotline.

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This is a spreadsheet list of all transactions that have been made to accounts in the 61* and 65* account codes. The list is available here. The list is sorted in Fund-Orgn-Acct order. Please review this activity for validity. The Controller's Office is also reviewing this data. Should any of these items require adjustment, please contact the Controller's Office for assistance 862-1624.

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