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The UNIX servers supporting the BANNER BPRD as well as the other Finance and HR instances are being upgraded this weekend. Due to this upgrade, BPRD and the other Finance and HR instances will be unavailable starting noon on Saturday, February 1 until the morning of Monday, February 3. We apologize for the short notice and inconvenience. If you have questions or concerns, then please send email to

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It is Banner Finance Upgrade time again!

As many of you know, SCT provides a new release of Banner in the Fall and the Spring. Last October we upgraded to the Spring 2002 release, Banner Finance 5.3. The Fall 2002 release, Banner Finance 5.4 has been received and after being thoroughly reviewed by CIS was loaded into our testing environment, BTST.

For the past few weeks, FAST has been testing the new version in BTST. This past Monday, January 13th, several of you participated in user testing. The result of all this testing is the upgrade does work and has only a few cosmetic changes to report:

FAAINVE - Invoice/Credit Memo Form: The Payment Due Date has been moved to the left by 3 inches. The Completion and In Process icons have been moved to the left as well. All functionality remains the same.

FRAGRNT - Grant Maintenance Form: An Alternate Description field has been added under the Status Code Field. This field is 35 characters long and will allow additional text to be associated with the grant status. A new option for Pass Through Agency Distribution Information has also been added. OSR in conjunction with GMAC will be reviewing the functionality of these additions to determine if they will be of any use to USNH.

All other functionality appears to be the same as with the version we are currently running.

The upgrade is scheduled to occur over this coming weekend. To accommodate this upgrade, the production environment (BPRD) will be unavailable on Friday, January 17th.

This will be the last upgrade to the production environment before the HR system goes live. Thanks to all who participated in testing.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact

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