Archived Data from prior periods is available in the FYI Archive.

We have successfully reconciled all the salary and wages from HUM to CUFS and to Banner Finance. There are no adjustments required to any of the salary and wage figures in the Banner finance environment.

Fringe benefits has been recalculated - and as expected - there are a number of variances which will require adjustments in this area. Several folks are looking at the recalculated amounts in great detail. Lines will be manually traced to the base documents and manually recalculated to verify the numbers are correct. This is in process. All this verification will not take place in time to roll the tables tomorrow.

Adjustments to the fringe benefits will most likely not take place until the day the tables will roll. This will facilitate any other processes such as calculation of IDC to take place at the same time.

As discussed in last week's update, we were targeting tomorrow for the rolls, with next weekend, August 3rd/4th as the fall back date. In order to get the fringe adjustment entered, we will hold off on the rolls until next weekend. The Banner finance system will not be available to users the day of the rolls - it will be held in a restricted mode in order to run all the necessary processes. More details on the timing will be made available next week.

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Just a quick update to all. The last few payroll feeds have been processed to Banner Finance using the new process. They have successfully updated and have been reconciled by UNH VPFA and the Controller's office. There is one accrual feed left to process then all feeds will have been booked to the old year.

The next step will be to completely reconcile the actual expenses in Banner to what HUM believes should have been booked, and adjust as necessary. We will keep you posted as to progress. Thanks again for your patience.

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Everyone is aware of the issues related to processing payroll expenses to Banner Finance and the steps that are underway to resolve these issues. Here is a detailed explanation of the steps being taken to resolve these issues.

Since our conversion to Banner last January, the payroll and fringe benefit processes have not been complete at all times. There have been multiple issues that have contributed to problems with the feeds which has made identifying and adjusting the full range of issues much more difficult.

The significance of these variances became magnified as year end approached and the ESC formed a small group of functional and technical staff to specifically correct the processes and adjust year end figures as well as develop a process that will prevent this from occurring again during FY 03.

This group has been working on this effort almost exclusively for the past few weeks. Here is an outline of those efforts.

Future processing

The payroll process as it relates specifically to encumbrances of both payroll and fringe data has been completely rebuilt and retested.

Testing included the following:

  • Testing included the following:
    • For three distinct feeds each of these tests was performed by David Proulx
    • Every fund-area-org-sorg-objno-sobj dollar amount has reconciled from the CUFS data to the Banner data
    • Each fund-area-org-sorg-objno-sobj crosswalk result was calculated in two different ways and verified for variances
    • All issues were analyzed and explained
  • For three distinct feeds each of these tests was performed by the Controller's Office Accounting staff
    • A random selection of 50 fund-area-org-sorg-objno-sobj lines were manually verified for crosswalk integrity
    • Another random selection of 50 lines were traced back to CUFS and verified for amount variances
    • The total amounts of each feed for each type of document and type of CUFS entry was reconciled from CUFS to Banner
  • To further test this new process -
  • as each of the remaining feeds for FY02 is processed -

    • each will be processed first in BTST
    • then each line reconciled,
    • then processed in BPRD
    • then each line reconciled again.

    as each new year feed is processed, until all are comfortable with the processing

    • each will be processed first in BTST
    • then each line reconciled
    • then processed in BPRD
    • then each line reconciled again

    New year processing once all are comfortable with the new processes

    • processing in BTST will be discontinued,
    • each feed will be processed in BPRD
    • each line will be reconciled
    • on a periodic basis - all salaries and wages will be reconciled back to HUM

  • The new process has significant additional checks and balances built into it to provide for early warning if there are any problems encountered.
  • The new process will be used in the production area to post the remaining few feeds for FY02 as an additional check.

Adjusting FY02 Amounts

  • The data from all of FY02 is being reconciled by fund-area-org-sorg-objno-sobj to the data in the HUM MPYPRDIST tables.
  • This data will then be reconciled to the Banner personnel data
  • Manual adjustments to personnel lines have been reviewed by the Controller's Office and provided to the user community for review.
  • Banner personnel dollars will be adjusted in total to agree to that which was fed from HUM plus the impact of any required manual entries in Banner or CUFS.
  • This adjusted balance will then be reconciled back to HUM.
  • Fringe benefits will be completely recalculated for the year based on the reconciled salary and wages number from above.
  • The fringe benefit number will then be reconciled to Banner
  • Fringe benefits will be completely recalculated for the year based on the reconciled salary and wages number from above.
  • The fringe benefit number will then be reconciled to Banner
  • Banner fringe benefit dollars will be adjusted in total to agree with the recalculated numbers plus the impact of any required manual entries in Banner or CUFS.
  • A reasonableness test will be conducted on the fringes charged to 100 FOAPALs as related to the actual personnel dollars that should have been charged.

This work is in process and will follow this tentative schedule for processing the remaining items to Banner for Old Year - and the First New Year feeds.

Pay Period Best Date Worst Date
L26 - FY02 7/15/2002 7/16/2002
L27 - FY02 7/15/2002 7/16/2002
Accruals - FY02 7/15/2002 7/17/2002
Complete YTD FY02 Recon 7/23/2002 7/30/2002
FY02 - Adjustment 7/25/2002 7/31/2002
Roll Old Year & 13th month reports 7/26/2002 8/3/2002
New year encumbrances 7/18/2002 7/25/2002
S01 -FY03 7/19/2002 7/26/2002
L01 - FY03 7/26/2002 7/29/2002
S02 - FY03 7/27/2002 7/30/2002
L02 - FY03 7/28/2002 7/30/2002
S03 - FY03 7/29/2002 7/31/2002
Back on schedule for feeds 8/1/2002 8/1/2002

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Just wanted to take a minute and bring everyone up to date on where we are with the current payroll process.

The reconciliations and corrections of the feed processes are going well and progress is being made. We expect this new, corrected process will be in place for all new year processing./p>

We hope to have the final payroll feeds for FY02 posted in Banner by late next week. We will then begin a complete reconciliation of all FY02 payroll, to the values in HR, and a complete recalculation of fringe benefits. This will likely result in correcting entries to some accounts. Our target is to have this reconciliation complete and any required entries posted to the system by 7/19/2002 so that you received reliable data in your 13th month reports.

These two items will give all assurance that FY02 numbers and the process for FY03 are reliable.

Thanks for hanging in there with us

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There have been a number of queries regarding the status of 13th month considering all the issues that have arisen over the past week. There have been numerous discussions about what to do regarding accommodating users' needs and getting on with the new year.

We are all sensitive to the down time that has occurred over the last week as well as to the issues that continue to surround the payroll and fringe dollars currently being reported in Banner Finance. Our goal continues to be to have the 13th month end reports as accurate as possible for all users. To meet this goal - departmental entries need to be competed and approved and the payroll YTD reconciliation needs to be completed. There will be another FYI regarding the payroll reconciliation later today.

The Old/Year-New/Year document indicated that, 13th month was scheduled to be closed on July 19th, with user entries to be competed by July 12th. The week between July 12th and 19th was designated as a time for departments to apply all required approvals to ensure that all the documents could be updated and posted.

We have decided not to extent the period of time for users to process transactions, however, users can enter documents next week (July 15th to July 19th) as long as all those documents are approved and posted by the close of business on Friday July 19th.

A slight alteration is needed to the year-end close schedule outlined in the Old/Year - New/Year document. The rolls that would permanently close out all but the accrual period in Banner Finance, will not be run on July 20th as previously planned. We will be closing the flag for 13th month at the close of business July 19th, but the roll processes will not occur until July 27th or August 3rd at the latest. By delaying the rolls for FY02 - it will enable the adjustments for the payroll activity to be entered as 13th month activity, and provide for accurate 13th month reports. However, entries cannot continue to 13th month after July 19th, as this would complicate the work required to prepare for the year-end audit.

In short -

Date Event/Comment
July 12 User entry to 13th month should be completed
July 19 All 13th month documents must be approved and posted
July 19 - July 31 Adjustments to FY02 payroll expenses and fringe benefits
No later than August 3rd Year-end rolls - Generate 13th month reports
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There have been multiple questions relating to what types of encumbrances will be carried forward and what will not. This is in the Old/Year New/Year documentation in greater detail, what is here is only a summary. The Old/Year New/Year documentation is online page 14.

In summary, ONLY Purchase orders with balances in excess of $300, that have not been carried forward in prior years, and are not standing orders or service provider agreements will be automatically brought forward into FY03, when the processes are run. No outstanding requisitions, PBORs, PBADs, or personnel encumbrances will carry over to FY03, all of these will be closed when the process is run. At this time, it is planned to bring forward service provider agreements for grant related funds. This is the only exception to the above rule.

The carry forward items are listed in detail on page 14 of the Old/Year New/Year document. If you need further clarification - please consult the document online. Should you continue to have questions, please contact the FRESH Hotline or your campus help desk.

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WebIntelligence production ran successfully last night and WebIntelligence now captures data as of 9:00 pm Tuesday, July 9th. Also, since permanent power has been restored to the Kingsbury Data Center, the WebIntelligence system is back up to full capacity and is using both of its servers.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked through this recent round of problems.

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All systems are back on line, on primary electrical power. Production jobs are running tonight. Users should be able to log on to the systems tomorrow at normal times. There will be no power outages or system work required tomorrow morning.

Thank you all for your patience and help with coordinating this disaster recovery. And many thanks, again, to all who brought us back on power and on line.

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At 1:30 today ( Tuesday), we confirmed the plan to convert from auxiliary generator to permanent transformer Wednesday morning as described below. Then, just before 3:00, the generator blew an oil hose and the whole system had to be shut down. So....Facilities Services has begun the conversion to the permanent power source now rather than waiting until tomorrow morning. As soon as power is restored, CIS will bring up the primary computer systems one at a time. Our best estimate is that sometime around midnight we should be once again 'live' on all major systems, and this time with a solid power source.

Of course, these are very complicated systems and there are lots of variables, so the plan may need to be altered as work progresses. However, you should all feel good knowing that USNH has a very dedicated and talented team of professionals doing all they can to make sure the systems are back online as quickly as possible.

If everything goes to plan, Payroll production will run tonight and payroll checks and ACH feeds will run in the morning, meaning that we will be right on schedule in terms of meeting Friday's labor payroll. Banner Finance backups will run tonight and the system should be available for users first thing in the morning. WebI production will also run tonight but may require a bit longer to finish in the morning; WebI will be available for users immediately following the completion of production.

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Unfortunately, last night's production did not capture new Banner Finance BPRD data, so the data available in WebIntelligence is from 9:00 pm, Monday, July 1st. The fix we made yesterday did not work but we found the problem and have resolved it. Tonight's WebIntelligence production will capture Banner entries made from July 2nd onward.

Once again, we apologize for the delay and realize that the timing of this problem is very poor given 13th month, year end, etc. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Please contact Jackie Snow if you have any questions or concerns.

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We just discovered that the data contained in WebIntelligence is not from 9:00 pm Wednesday, July 3rd but is actually from 9:00 pm, Monday, July 1st. This is because we did not receive the latest BPRD data and ended up re-processing Monday night's data during the Tuesday and Wednesday production runs. We have determined the source of the problem and are working to fix the issue. Tonight's production should capture any data entered from July 2nd onward.

We are really sorry for this oversight and we certainly apologize for this inconvenience.

Please call us if you have any questions.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

WebIntelligence has just been brought up in a limited capacity using the temporary generator. It is important to note that this temporary solution does not have the full "horse power" of the normal WebIntelligence system. Normally, two servers are dedicated to the WebIntelligence system; however, due to the power constraints only one server has been brought on line. We are not sure how many users can be supported by one WebIntelligence server so we are asking folks to access the system only if they have a compelling reporting need. We may find that folks receive slow response times and error messages, but the decision was made give this solution a try.

Also, due to the Kingsbury problems, the data in WebIntelligence is from 9:00 pm, Wednesday, July 3rd. Production is scheduled to run tonight.

We will let you know if the situation changes. Please let us know if you do experience problems. We will then need to review this course of action.

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Due to the power failure in Kingsbury Hall, temporary generators are being used to provide power to the systems (Payroll, HRIS, Banner Finance, Banner Student, WebI, etc.) that are housed in that building. However, the generators are not providing enough electricity for all of the systems. Because of this power constraint, it was decided that the WebIntelligence system will not be available until a permanent power solution is in place. The Kingsbury transformer should be fixed on Wednesday so we anticipate having WebIntelligence available on Thursday, July 11th.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We will send e-mail letting you know when WebIntelligence is available.

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Finance, HR, and UNH/CLL Student systems are up and fully functional at this time, thanks to heroics over the last three days by many people in CIS, Facilities Services, and other areas. As described below, we will be operating on generators until at least Wednesday morning, at which time we will need to take the system down for a few hours to switch over to the permanent transformer. We are awaiting a part to fix the transformer that should be here Tuesday afternoon. The goal is to get back on the permanent electrical source ASAP.

This morning, please concentrate on (1) coding all Labor 01 payroll documents, and (2) entering/approving all Banner invoices, especially those that you would like paid today. Accounts Payable checks will be run this afternoon, picking up all payable Banner invoices completed and approved this morning. No further computer outages are expected (other than Wednesday morning) but since we are still operating on auxiliary power, our advise is to take care of all your computer system priorities while the systems are available.

If you have any questions, or see anything out of the ordinary while in Banner Finance, please contact the HelpDesk at 862-4242.

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Late on Monday, we discovered that although all the PCard transactions are being generated with a July date, some of them did post to fsyr 02. This is not supposed to occur. The date on the invoice should determine what period the activity gets posted to - which in this case should have been July. For the items that were reversed in the new year, they were discovered late on Monday and a correcting entry was built. With all the system problems, the entry did not get updated until very early this morning.

I think if you look at your data it is ok at this point. The process has been altered to look at the fiscal year as well as the date on these items, so hopefully, we will not repeat this. We have no idea why some are posting to the old year and some are posting to the new year - we will look into that. Until then, the reversal process will continue and it will validate on both the dates and the fiscal periods.

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We have another banner feature to relay to you all. The PCards process in Banner is not as smart as the one our MIS folks built for us. Well we all knew that, but it has one other feature that is not quite as smart and that is the transaction date it uses on the invoice generated from the process. When the transaction from the bank is ready to be processed as an invoice, the system uses that day's date - the day it is processed as an invoice - as the transaction date for the invoice. This puts our little plan of the old year transactions going to the old year and the new year to the new year in a little bit of a problem.

Several of us have emailed around and the new plan around this feature will be to process all PCard invoices as new year invoices. We will then process JVs on a daily basis to bring the PCard activity back to the old year for all invoices who's invoice date is less than or equal to 6/30/2002.

So for example: For two PCard transactions against the same FOAPAL where one has an invoice date of 6/24/2002 and the other an invoice date of 7/1/2002 and they both are swept on 7/1/2002 - you will see the following in that FOAPAL.

Doc Number Invoice Date Trans Date Amount
S000xxx1 6/24/2002 7/1/2002 100.00
S000xxx2 7/1/2002 7/1/2002 250.00
J3PCARD1 7/2/2002 (100.00)

The other side of the J3PCARD1 will be to the same FOAPAL in the old year.

One additional piece of information. MIS has developed a process that will/has corrected the program codes in the INVT table and the CARD tables so that they reflect the 020 program code for this year. There is no need for the users to change them manually.

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The Durham Data Center computer clusters have been inoperable since early this morning due to a loss of electrical power. Affected are USNH Banner Finance & WebI, USNH HRIS/HUM (including payroll), UNH and CLL Banner Student, and other important systems such as central printing, Bottomline Technologies check printing, and Kronos. Facilities Services is installing two temporary generators now, allowing the CIS staff to power-up and test the computers by midnight tonight. Assuming no collateral impact to the systems, CIS staff will attempt to reconfigure the systems to their pre-downtime state by Saturday afternoon, and then reinitiate weekend production jobs. Therefore, there will be no user availability of systems this weekend. If all goes well, we should be finished with production in time to bring the major systems up for user data entry as early as 6:00AM Monday morning.

Data entry in both Payroll and Banner Finance should take top priority on Monday morning for all USNH administrative units. Labor 01 data entry must be completed by Monday in order for hourly staff to be paid properly on Friday, July 12. Banner Finance invoices, both old year and new year, must be entered Monday morning if you want vendors paid this week. We will defer running Accounts Payable checks until at least Noon on Monday in order to give campuses and BSCs additional time to catch up on coding invoices.

Our tentative plan at this time is to switch out the temporary generators with permanent electricity on Wednesday morning. It is likely that the system will be down for a few hours on Wednesday morning while this work is conducted. Therefore, we recommend that all data entry is performed as soon as it can be to avoid further delays in processing transactions.

If you have questions, please contact the HelpDesk at 862-4242.

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We are experiencing a partial air conditioning failure in the Kingsbury data center. It appears that full air condition capacity will not be restored until early next week.

We expect that users will experience normal service unless there is a secondary failure. Should that occur it will be necessary to shut down the UNIX cluster that is supporting all of Banner finance and MR2.

We are taking measures to reduce the internal power consumption without impacting any production systems or FRESH development work. Additional measures are being taken to supplement the cooling. Facilities have HVAC staff responding.

Should it become necessary to take any system we hope to be able to provide as much advanced notice as possible.

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The issue with the program codes has been corrected and 30-JUN-2002 can now be used on all old year documents.

On the 30-JUN-2002 documents, the program code that defaults in does not need to be changed to the new 020 program code. The new program code of 020 will default on all new year documents.

Additionally, there is no need to change the dates on any transactions that were entered today. The 29-JUN-2002 date will process properly in the old year.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to Banner Finance Production.

Have a good day,

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The issue with the program codes has been corrected and 30-JUN-2002 can now be used on all old year documents.

On the 30-JUN-2002 documents, the program code that defaults in does not need to be changed to the new 020 program code. The new program code of 020 will default on all new year documents.

Additionally, there is no need to change the dates on any transactions that were entered today. The 29-JUN-2002 date will process properly in the old year.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to Banner Finance Production.

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A couple of reminders for all who are active in Banner Finance today.

As discussed in the Old Year/New Year Document, beginning today, FY2003 items can be entered and updated using today's date as the transaction date. FY2002 documents can be completed as well, but you must use a date of 6/30/2002 on the document as the transaction date. Unless this date is used, the document will default to processing in July, or the new year.

Invoices received against old year purchase orders for goods or services received on or before 6/30/2002 should be processed with the 6/30/2002 transaction date. Invoice dates, scheduled payment dates, delivery dates etc. should be entered as usual, only the transaction date need be altered to process appropriate transactions to the old year.

Also, remember that on all new year documents only the 020 program code will be supported. The defaults on all funds, orgs and index codes have been updated to reflect the 020 program code. Therefore, all documents should default the proper program code in for you. Only the 020 program code is valid from 7/1/2002 forward. Entering a different program code will result in an error on the document. All program codes are available for 6/30/2002 documents (old year).

New year payroll transactions will not be processed until after all old year payroll processing has occurred. The current schedule does not have a new year encumbrances scheduled for processing into Banner Finance until July 10th - 12th.

Quick recap of important dates:

New Year open for new year transactions 7/1/2002
New Year payroll encumbrances fed to Banner Finance 7/10 or 7/12/2002
Processing of all old year transactions in departments through 7/12/2002
Approvals of all old year transactions through 7/19/2002
Last day for all old year transactions to be entered/approved 7/19/2002
Balances rolled, encumbrances rolled, multi-year budgets rolled 7/20/2002
14th month open to Controller's Office staff only 7/22/2002

If you have any questions, please please email the FRESH Hotline.

Have a great New Year.

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