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Year end is approaching. In anticipation of how busy this time of year is for all and with the added attraction of HR going live this year - we are attempting to get some of the clean up work done earlier so that all of you will be less burdened with it as 6/30 comes upon us.

One of the items we are beginning with is open zero dollar purchase order lines. This applies to open lines on Purchase orders with external vendors only - no "POB"s are included with this process. Each week, a process will run to set the close flag on the lines of purchase orders that are currently zero. Once closed, this will eliminate that particular line from any future invoicing or change orders, unless your campus purchasing office reopens it for you. Only the line that has zero balance left on it - will be closed.

Beginning June 1st - the process will begin to close lines with less than $100 left in them.

As of June 30th - all purchase orders with less than $300 available will be closed.

The purpose of all this is to assist in making this year end smoother for all. There are literally thousands of lines remaining open on the Banner tables where the balance available is zero. These clutter reports and must be completely closed before year end process can be run. It is our hope that this will facilitate operations for all of us.

For any other purchase orders that you would like to have closed - that are not currently zero dollars available - you can request they be closed by following these steps:

If any payment is pending - when you process the invoice:

Process the last payment as "Final" or notify AP to "Final" the payment on the invoice referencing the PO.

This will close the line(s) referenced on that invoice just as it did in CUFS. The bonus in Banner, is if you find this was an error - the PO can be reopened by your campus purchasing office (see below).

Or, (if no payments are pending)

Send email to your campus purchasing office with the following information:

  • PO#
  • Vendor
  • Reason for closing (i.e., no longer need PO, need funds for another purchase, don't want PO carried into next fiscal year)

at UNH/SYS and CLL,

at KSC,

at PSC,

**Please do not use a change order to try and close a purchase order. The proper procedure to liquidate the remaining balance and change the status of the PO to "closed" is listed above.**

Note: This procedure is applicable at any time, not just year-end.

Also, if a PO has been closed in error, contact purchasing to re-open the PO.

If you have any questions about PO lines that are closed - please contact Finance FYI. If you have questions regarding open POs or their processing please contact your campus purchasing office.

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