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As you are aware, the remaining equipment will be moved from Kingsbury to the new Data Center located at 1 Leavitt Lane over the Christmas shut-down. The equipment being moved includes the machines that support the Banner Finance system. This means that Banner Finance will not be available all day Friday, December 20th, 2002 through the end of the calendar year. There is a possibility the systems will be available sometime on Monday, December 30th or Tuesday, December 31st, but there is an equal chance they may not be available for users until Thursday, January 2nd. News of the availability will be posted to the USNH Gateway during the course of the shut-down period.

To assist you in planning your workloads, the following schedules have been developed for processing during the period immediately prior to and the first few days after the shut-down period.

January will be opened for processing beginning on Wednesday, December 18th. Any activity begun at this time which will most likely not get approved or updated prior to the shut-down should be processed with a January date to minimize the necessity of denying and reprocessing the activity in January.

IV Feeds - All feeds must be received no later than close of business on Tuesday, December 17th, 2002 to assure posting before the shut-down. We will make every effort to accommodate feeds received later than this, however there are two payrolls being posted during the same time frame which must take priority.

CR Feeds - All CR feeds received by the close of business on Wednesday, December 18th, 2002 will be loaded into Banner Finance. Feeds received on Thursday, December 19th, 2002 will be loaded as system time is available. Again, the two payrolls being posted must take priority.

PCard Activity - PCard activity will be swept and posted to Banner Finance as usual through Thursday, December 19th, 2002. No PCard activity will be swept again until Monday, January 6th, 2003. This should afford an opportunity to make adjustments to activity in the FAAINVT form prior to the shut-down but not yet swept, on January 2nd, 3rd and 6th. New activity from the bank will be processed to the FAAINVT form on Thursday, December 19th. All data received from the bank between December 19th and January 2nd will be held and processed beginning on January 2nd.

Any feed received prior to the shut-down period will be processed into Banner Finance as soon as possible. Should a feed not be processed for any reason, it will be processed as quickly as possible after the system becomes available again in January. Dates in the feeds will be adjusted to a January date, if this becomes necessary, before processing.

A/P Checks Select Thru Check Date Last Date for Entry
Check Run - Dec 16, 2002 January 4, 2003 December 16, 2002 December 14, 2002
Check Run - Dec 19, 2002 January 4, 2003 December 20, 2002 December 19, 2002
Check Run - Jan 6, 2002 January 11, 2003 January 6, 2003 January 4, 2003
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There is an extra check run scheduled for 5 PM on Thursday, December 19th. All invoices entered, approved and updated in the Banner Finance system by 5 PM on Thursday, with a scheduled payment date on or before January 4th, will be printed on Thursday, December 19th. These checks will be distributed on Friday, December 20th.

Payroll Posted to Banner Finance Normal Pay Date Distributed to Staff
S13 December 18, 2002 December 20, 2002 December 19, 2002
L13 December 19, 2002 December 27, 2002 December 20, 2002
S14 January 2, 2003 January 3, 2003 January 3, 2003
L14 - Normal Schedule January 9, 2003 January 10, 2003 January 10, 2003

Please refer to detailed instructions from the USNH Payroll office for data entry cut off dates on each of these payrolls.

Student Rebate Checks (UNH/CLL) Posted to Banner Finance Check Date Available to Students
SIS Prod - Dec 20, 2002 January 2, 2003 January 2, 2003 January 2, 2003
SIS Prod - Jan 3, 2003 January 7, 2003 January 7, 2003 January 7, 2003
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UNH and CLL Student production will occur normally on Friday, December 20th. The files for finance, including the student rebate checks, will be held until the Banner Finance system is available after the Data Center move. As the system may not be available until January 2nd and Title IV funds must be rebated to the student within 14 days of receipt, the Electronic Funds Transfer normally scheduled for Tuesday, December 17th, has been moved to Thursday, December 19th. This change in schedule allows rebates to be generated on January 2nd and still remain in compliance.

In addition to these schedules, MR or Webi reporting environment is also impacted. The data in MR will be refreshed as usual Wednesday night to reflect the data as of Wednesday, December 18th, 2002, and will not be refreshed again until the systems are moved and once again available.

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The USNH and UNHF Governing Boards are reviewing the current distribution policies due to recent market conditions. We hope to receive final resolution on the FY03 payout amounts in November. At this time we expect to distribute the endowment payout for November month-end. Please contact Carol Mitchell if you have any questions.

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