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On issue number three:

As of this email - 22-AUG-2003 07:57 PM - B2-17 has been posted - all payroll processing is up to date.

Additionally, the adjustments for the BDH4 transactions against the YZMPPB orgs has been done as well as the reclassification of all the ER Expenses.

If you have any questions, please contact Banner Finance.

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Final repairs of the power to the data center at Leavitt Lane are scheduled to take place at 7:30 AM on Monday morning. These repairs are necessary to avoid future power issues such as what we experienced last week. It is not expected to cause any interruption in service, as the limited amount of time required to perform the repairs should be covered by the data center's uninterruptible power supply.

However, as many of you work flexible schedules and are online working at that hour of the day, if there is an issue with the power at the data center that causes our IT staff concern, the systems may need to be brought down briefly to allow the repairs to be made.

An email will be sent out in the event it is necessary to interrupt service, this is just to make you aware that the repairs are occurring.

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The B1-17 payroll (which was paid Friday, August 15th) was posted to Finance late Thursday, August 14. The BDH4 adjustments for those budget dollars that hit the YZMPPB orgs was also processed on Thursday as was the redistribution of the employer expenses for this payrun.

We are again, current with payroll posting.

These items posted early enough that they should have been in your MR reports as of Friday, August 15.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Banner Finance.

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Payroll postings are current as of late last night. The B1-16 payroll was posted yesterday afternoon and the B2-16 payroll was posted last night.

We will be sending out status FYI's on the payroll's each Friday morning until we get this into a steady flow just so you all know what has been posted and what has not been posted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Banner Finance.

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We are pleased to inform you all that all the July payroll from Banner HR has been posted into Banner finance as of late in the day, Thursday July 31st. This includes the B1-14 (Salary), B2-14 (Labor), B1-15 (Salary), B2-15 (Labor) pay runs for FY04. Also fed were all budget and encumbrance adjustments up to and including those processed on Wednesday, July 30th. These have been in process since Banner HR went live, and we believe we are now caught up with all outstanding feeds. This also includes the budget reversals from the YZMPPB current budgets moves for the first three pay runs. The last one will be posted this week.

The Banner HR product uses the check date of the pay run as the transaction date to process in Banner Finance. This means the B1-16 payroll has an 8/1/2003 transaction date assigned to it and will be included in August activity on Monday this week.

There are two other items of note regarding the processing of the payroll into Banner Finance. It was noted early on in the HR implementation that under certain circumstances where there were multiple future distributions recorded for a positions with contract dates, the encumbrance did not always calculate correctly. Significant research was done on this problem in concert with SCT and a remedy was found. This was tested and put in place around the second or third week in July. This past week it was found not all impacted positions had been recalculated using the new/fixed program. This was also corrected over the weekend so you should not see encumbrance amounts that are less than the annual salary amounts appearing in either HR or finance relating to this problem as of today. If you do - please contact Banner Finance with the details.

Lastly, we also found last week that the fringe FOAPAL to be charged for certain of the CES grants was not as all encompassing as it should have been. The errors have been identified and are currently under review by the CES folks. As soon as they are identified completely - they will be corrected.

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