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As indicated in the last FYI on this topic - this week's payroll (B2-04) was delayed in processing into finance until we could get the fringe tables rebuilt to correct the budget documents that were incorrectly posted last week.

The tables have been re-loaded and re-indexed and the payroll and the fringe budgets have been recalculated. Unfortunately, what you will see in your reports for finance data is that only a portion of the documents relating to these events have been posted. We were attempting to get these processed into finance before the MR snap of data tonight so that the data would be available in MR for reporting tomorrow. Part way through posting this activity to finance, the posting process stopped and has not yet resumed. IT folks will look at the issue tomorrow morning, but the data in your MR reports will not reflect a complete picture.

What has posted is:

  • Regular budget and encumbrance adjustments processed in HR since last Wednesday (2/11)
  • Correcting fringe budgets to the originating FOAPAL and the offset fund-YZMPPB orgs.
  • Expenditures and encumbrances liquidations for B2-04
  • Some of this week's redistribution activity (DCNs)
  • Some of this week's adjustments

What has not yet been processed:

  • Some of this week's redistribution activity (DCNs)
  • Some of this week's adjustments
  • The budget allocations moving the offset budgets from the fund-YZMPPB orgs to the departmental PPB orgs.

We will complete processing this activity as soon as possible in the morning. Once posted - the data will be properly reflected in the banner forms online - but this will not be available through MR until Monday morning.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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Last Thursday, as part of weekly payroll processing, there were a significant number of budget transactions processed. This was a result of a fix relating to an FYI sent out on January 16th titled "New Issue with Fringe Benefits". The issue identified in that FYI has a limited impact on the majority of the system and is related to encumbrances and expenses only, however in early February it was discovered that there could also be an impact on budgets and therefore on the budget balance available.

The IT Folks had a fix in place to address both the encumbrance/expense and budget problems on February 6th. The process was tested between the 6th and the 10th and approved for production. It was placed in production just prior to the payroll interface processes run last week on February 11th.

Several of you have raised questions regarding these entries. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that a field in the fringe set-up file was not properly populated. This caused all unrestricted fringe budgets to be recalculated at 39%, therefore reducing the fringe budgets in unrestricted funds and causing them to reflect negative budget balance available.

This is currently being corrected and retested in BTST. Due to the size of the tables (there are over 125 million records in one of these tables) it is taking considerable time to update. Once updated, we will test and validate that the correction is in effect. After that, the updated tables will be migrated to production. This will not be complete until sometime tomorrow.

The impact of the missing field relates to BUDGETS ONLY. All expenses and encumbrances processed last week have been reviewed, recalculated and are correct. The budget amounts have been reduced incorrectly in unrestricted funds only, grant funds should be unaffected by this problem.

Additionally, because we were concerned that further processing of budgets might have additional impact funds - we have not processed this week's payroll. We expect the corrected tables will be populated early tomorrow. The payroll for B2-04 will be processed later tomorrow after the tables have been corrected.

Note: There is no impact to paying staff - the delay in processing payroll relates only to processing the information into finance.

We apologize in advance for the delay in processing this week's payroll as well as for these incorrect budget entries and the concern they have caused.

If you have any questions, please contact

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Due to an unforeseen issue with a step in the UNH Durham Exchange 2000 email server upgrade that was performed last night, the display of many email addresses are appearing in an abnormal manner. An example of this is that if you received email from 'Finance FYI' , due to the problem it now appears as 'FRESH HOTLINE1EC544521EC544521EC544521872DC272096C0'.

Of specific concern is the address used on all PCard email notices sent to users on a daily basis. The address that normally displays as 'Banner PCard' now displays as a previously hidden name of INCOMING1EC544521EC544521EC544521872DC2748FC85 that is only relative to the Exchange machine itself - not to us humans.

The PCard email messages you received this morning with this odd display name, are valid daily PCard notifications. If you reply to the email, as you might have in the past, the email address will still work and the message will arrive at the proper destination.

The UNH Durham Exchange Administrators have been notified of the problem and it will be addressed as soon as possible. We will keep you informed of changes.

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There have been several requests to inform users of when the data from HR is processed to Finance. In response to those queries, this following information is shared and will also be posted to the Banner Finance FYI page.

Banner HR/Finance Interface Schedule.

For normal weekly pay run processing, the payroll jobs are generally complete late morning to early afternoon on Wednesdays. When the processing is complete, the jobs required to interface data from the HR system to the finance system are begun. There are 14 jobs that are required to generate the activity to finance - after which all the data generated by these jobs have to be posted in Finance. This includes, Budget adjustments, encumbrances adjustments, the current week's payroll, pending redistributions and adjustments. Running the 14 jobs takes between 2 and 4 hours, posting can take another hour or more. Based on this - the general timing of events is as follows:

  • Payroll Production is complete - Late morning to early afternoon on Wednesdays
  • Interface jobs run - Wednesday afternoons
  • Transactions posted to finance - Very late Wednesday afternoons to early Thursday morning.

Of course, when there is an early payroll - these times may be impacted as well.

In response to user's requests for more timely posting, the interface jobs for redistributions and adjustments are also run on Friday afternoons. There are 6 jobs required to generate this activity to finance - and then the data has to be posted. This generally begins around 4 PM on Friday and is generally processed and posted through to finance before we leave for the weekend.

General reminders regarding HR interface

The Banner HR product uses the check date of the pay run as the transaction date to process in Banner Finance. This means a pay run like the B1-16 or the B1-01 payrolls which had check dates of the 1st or 2nd of the month - check date is transaction date and transaction date, in Banner, determines the month the activity is to be posted. Therefore these two pay runs were posted in finance in the following fiscal period from what the activity date would reflect. Using the B1-01 pay run from the first of the year as an example:

Processing Completed in Payroll December 22, 2003
Interfaced and posted to Finance December 23, 2003
Check Date Transaction Date to Finance) January 2, 2004
Fiscal period posted to 07-2004 (January)
Activity date on finance transaction December 23, 2003
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