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There have been some continuing issues on the hardware the Banner HR, Finance, Student and MR databases reside on. To address these issues, the IT staff have to migrate our database to a different server for the day on July 31.

The database will be available during the course of regular business hours, Thursday, July 31st, however, to accommodate the move, the production area (BPRD) as well as BTST, BTRN and BETA instances will not be available between 6 AM and 6:30 AM - and again between 7 PM and 8 PM. Outside of these times - you should see no difference in the system's availability or performance.

Please notify your campuses' help desk of any issues or concerns.

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Quite late yesterday, the actual expenses and fringe charges for the B1-14 payroll were successfully posted to Finance.

This occurred prior to the MR data refresh running, so you should see actual personnel expenses and fringe expenses in your reports for FY04 as of this morning.

We are now working on the B2-14 payroll. We are hopeful this will post by the end of this week. B1-15 will be run from HR late today, but will not be processed into finance until early next week.

If you have any questions, please contact Banner Finance Production.

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I think we are pretty close to actually getting the B1-14 payrun to post into Banner Finance - (about time!!!!!!, I know, I know). Anyway, the thought occurred to me as we were getting ready to do this to touch base with you all to make sure we are all in agreement that under this 'new' relationship it is really critical that we not permit any stray entries for actual expenses to process against personnel account codes in the finance area. We have a process that is nearly complete to balance the weekly/daily feeds to finance from HR - we are working on the routine 'year-to-date' reconciliation that Ken was looking for now. It is critical, for either of these to work correctly, as well as for user reporting on the detail associated with the finance FOAPALS, to have no other types of activity flowing through these account codes.

Although never is not a word that I like to use - I would come pretty close to saying we should never see any manual entries in finance processed against a personnel line. All adjustments should come through HR, if this integrated reporting and reconciliation processes are going to work. For this purpose, the definition of a personnel line is any that uses an account code that begins with 61 or any that reference the fringe allocation codes of 65YP10, 65YF10, 65YR10 or 65YN10. There are the direct expense lines for the actual fringe related expenses in the remainder of the 65s, they will have invoices etc processed against them, which is to be expected, and budgets will process from a variety of locations, again these are fine. It is the actual expenses that will be most likely to cause us issues.

Just trying to get out in front of this issue - if you think of some concerns or other areas that I should be communicating with - please let me know.

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Things went simply super tonight!

In fact, they went so well this evening with the encumbrance roll - we decided to accomplish the budget roll tonight as well. So - we will not have to impact your workday during Wednesday at all!!! The system will not be restricted at 3 PM today, Wednesday, July 2nd. You will have until midnight to process documents if you would like to stay!!!

The encumbrance roll

The encumbrance roll was accomplished tonight. To reference what documents were eligible for roll - please consult the Old-Year/New-Year Document.

There were 1,728 lines on 1,449 documents rolled into the new year for a total of $46,568,874.45. Many of these were for grants and plant funds, but all eligible unrestricted POs were rolled as well. In addition, there were 17 requisitions that had not been converted to POs and 1 PBOR that was entered for FY03 on July 1st. These 18 documents were removed by the process and if still required, will have to be reentered.

Remember, the document number did not change. When you reference the document on an invoice - you will reference the same document number you would have if it had not rolled. If you are referencing this document for an invoice received in the old year, simply use 30-JUN-2003 as the transaction date on the invoice and reference the PO as you would normally. The system should take care of the rest. Should you have and invoice for a PO that was not eligible for the roll - the transaction will have to be processed with a transaction date of 30-JUN-2003 as a direct pay.

As with last year, an equal amount of budget was moved as current adjusted budget into FY 2004 to the expense lines on the PO and equal amount of revenue was posted to the same fund-orgn prog-actv code to the revenue line 580000.

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There have been several questions regarding the timing of posting the data from the new Banner HR system into Banner Finance. So that we are all operating on the same information, I would like to clarify the current plans and outline what our expectations are going forward.

We are currently in the process of running jobs that set Banner's tables up for the new year in Finance. These jobs were run much later last year, as last year was our first close in Banner Finance, and the delay in running these processes caused many users issues with processing some transactions that crossed fiscal years. In order to avoid those issues this year, we have worked with SCT and come up with a different schedule where we are running these jobs during the evening and late night hours this week. Once these jobs are complete - normal processing will resume. These are the jobs that were referred to in the FYI sent out yesterday and which are occurring last night, tonight and tomorrow night.

We are also completing the processing of final data from the HUM system. The accrual feeds will be processed today, and the last payroll run L27, will be processed in HUM tomorrow night - then processed into Banner Finance on Thursday.

We have been processing activity from the new Banner HR system as well. The data is being held until we get some of these old year issues processed successfully into Banner Finance. Our expectation is that we will process these items in Banner Finance beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, July 2nd. Please be assured no data has been lost all the budget and encumbrance activity generated by the EPAFs and other transactions done in Banner HR over the past week have been generated successfully and are simply being held until the old year issues are dealt with in Banner Finance.

A Quick recap of current anticipated feed processing:

Feed Expected Feed Date
Old year Accruals Tuesday, July 1
New Year Accruals Tuesday, July 1
Budget changes for B1-14 Wednesday, July 2
Encumbrance changes for B1-14 Wednesday, July 2
Allocation process for new year - Current Budget Changes Wednesday, July 2
L27 Thursday, July 3
Expenditures from B1-14 Thursday, July 3

Going forward, when we are not in the midst of year end close, the expectation of feeds from Banner HR is as follows:

Feed Expected Timing
Budget changes Calculated, fed and posted nightly
Encumbrance changes Calculated, fed and posted nightly
Allocation process for Current Bud chgs Calculated and posted nightly
Expenditures for current payroll The day after the payroll is run

Hope this is helpful. If you have any questions, please send email to Banner Finance Production.

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