Archived Data from prior periods is available in the FYI Archive.
Some statistics on what was rolled - and what was closed.
Items closed:
Document type Number of documents Number of lines
Closed in FY04
POB's 11,966 14,345
POBs not eligible to roll 1,592 1,839
Closed in FY03
POB's 11,644 13,228
POBs not eligible to roll 1,327 9,872
Percent Change
POB's 3% 8%
POBs not eligible to roll 20% (81)%
Items carried forward:
Description FY04 to
FY03 to
% Change
Total number of Lines 5,329 1728 208%
Number of PO documents rolled 2,208 1449 52%
Total amount of both encumbrance dollars and related budget dollars carried forward 52,876,603.09 46,568,874.45 14%
Average dollars per PO rolled 23,947.74 32,138.63 (25)%
Number of zero dollar POs rolled 791 162 388%
Adjusted average dollars per PO rolled not including documents that are zero dollar 37,315.88 36,184.05 3%
Some interesting points to note about this data. Although the number of lines and documents has increased significantly - the dollars have not. if we also look at the POs we are rolling that have no dollars available in them at all, their balance available is completely zero, it is clear we are continuing to carry forward documents that may or may not be of use.
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Last night (Wednesday, 6/30) we took the system down at 4:00 PM so that we could run some critical finance new year processes. It is now just before 10:00 PM and the system is again available for users - with these two processes completed:
Process to create new year balance sheet amounts (the GL roll)
Process to carry forward open purchase orders that meet the carry forward criteria (the PO Roll)
Some things you will notice.
  • There are beginning balances in the tables for FY05 balance sheet accounts
  • Fund balances (account codes that begin with a 4) in the tables have been updated as of 6/30/2004 - and those balances have also been updated as the beginning balances in the new year.
  • Purchase orders have been carried over - where qualified. Please see the Old Year/New Year document for more details on what is qualified.
  • Remember to follow the processes outlined in the Old Year/New Year document when charging an invoice against a rolled PO - again details are in the Old Year/New Year document.
  • All other encumbrance activity has been closed and/or removed:
    • All POB documents from FY04 - are closed
    • All PO items that did not meet the roll criteria - are closed
    • All change orders that were not complete and referenced an old year PO have been removed
    • All requisitions that had not been converted to POs have been closed.
  • One encumbrance item you will notice is the FY04 HR related encumbrances are still open - they will be required to post the next two payrolls (B1-14 and B2-14) once that is done - these will be closed as well.
As usual, if you have an questions or concerns, please let us know - or contact your campus help desk.
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Salary and fringe related encumbrances for FY2005 have been posted.
About $285 million on over 13,000 labor distribution lines has been processed and is available for query and reporting in both finance and HR. There was only one Job that did not fully process - it was a UNH job and the department will be contacted on Monday to determine appropriate steps.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know or contact your campus help desk.
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There have been several questions regarding the balances of encumbrances remaining in finance related to HR activity.
FY04 related encumbrance balances will be closed after the last payroll which contains FY04 activity (B2-14) is successfully posted to finance. B2-14 should post on or about July 8th. After this feed is successfully posted, any remaining balance in finance for any HR FY04 encumbrance will be zeroed out and closed. That should occur on or about July 9th. This activity occurs only in Finance and affects all funds, restricted and unrestricted. Remaining Balances reflected in HR for FY04 activity (displayed on forms such as NBAPTOT) will not be impacted.
In addition, the FY05 HR related encumbrance documents will be posted to July, in finance, this Saturday, June 26th.
In general, the FY04 HR related encumbrance documents are numbered PR04xxxx and the FY05 encumbrance documents are numbered PR05xxxx.
If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.
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FY05 is now open for establishing New Year Purchasing documents.
If you enter any purchasing document for FY05, you MUST change the transaction date to 01-JUL-2004. If this is not the date, the requisition will have to be removed, reentered and re-approved, creating more work for both departments and campus Purchasing staff.
For more information - please review page 6 of the Old Year/New Year document.  
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The month of July FY2005 is now open. Please remember this is to enable processing, approval and posting of new year purchasing documents only.
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Reminder of some upcoming system down times:
  • This Wednesday, June 23rd - the system will be coming down at 4 PM for HR year end processing
  • Sunday, June 27th - the system will be unavailable from 7 AM to Noon for IT maintenance
  • Next Wednesday, June 30th - the system will be coming down at 4 PM for Finance year end processing
  • Sunday, July 5th - the system will be unavailable from 7 AM to Noon for IT maintenance.
Down times are also available off the USNH Gateway page which is also updated when the systems become available after any scheduled down time.
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As per the new year schedule, the FY2005 budgets were successfully fed to finance this past Saturday. The budgets are not yet accessible in finance, but they are available for you to review and query. They should also be in the MR tables for reporting by tomorrow - after tonight's refresh.
This is the first major milestone for the new year processing. We will keep you posted as others occur.
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The Old Year/New Year document has been updated and is available on the web. The document is available from the link on the right hand side of the Banner Finance User's FYI page.
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BPRD upgrade went very well this weekend. Thanks to the folks in ECG for all their hard work on a weekend so the upgrade has as little impact on your daily business routines as possible.
The system was tested by the folks in the IT areas as well as by central support staff. No issues have been found. BPRD has been available to users since about 8:30 AM this morning (Sunday, June 6th). Everyone will be keeping a close eye on things for signs of problems over the next week or so. But again, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, please contact your campus help desk.
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This is a reminder that as of midnight tonight (Friday, June 4th) the production instance will not be available to allow the IT folks to upgrade the production instance to Oracle 9i. Email will be sent, and the gateway page will be updated, when the system is again available. There is a possibility that the system may be available sometime on Sunday, June 6th, but will be back for normal business hours by Monday morning at the very latest.
Some of you participated in testing this upgrade in BTST a couple of weeks ago. During testing we found no issues that are expected to impact users. However, as with any change, please report any issues you encounter to your campus help desk so they may be investigated fully.
One other question that has been asked relates to the issue some of you have experienced with the 9iAS forms - where sometimes you are experiencing disconnection issues. This upgrade is completely separate from that issue and is not expected to have any impact - either positive or negative. Again, if you are experiencing problems with connections, please contact your campus help desk.
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