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On Thursday March 25, 2004, the USNH/UNH Payroll Department and several members of the FAST Team will be moving to a new location at 1 Leavitt Lane. FAST Team members who are moving include Alice Samuel, Julien Lafleur, Barbara Doane, Stephanie Eno and Sue Desrosiers. FAST Team members who will remain in Stoke Hall until Phase II of the move include Eric Hobbs, Hope Elwell and Scott Drolet.

Payroll and FAST Team members are moving to 1 Leavitt Lane to the area that was previously occupied by UNH Hospitality Services as our permanent location. Once we have completed the move, services should not be impacted. However, during the week of March 22nd through 25th, it would be appreciated if you could plan ahead for any assistance you need from Payroll or FAST. We will be open and doing our best to meet customer needs while packing, moving and settling into our new spaces. There will be little change in service for FAST team members remaining in Stoke.

During the move and afterwards, you can continue to reach Payroll by calling the main line or individual Payroll and FAST staff can be contacted at the same phone numbers and email addresses as before.

If you experience any issues with the new environment, please contact your campus help desk.

Payroll Main line:                  862-1400
FAX (Payroll & FAST):           862-2123

          Production Issues -
          Finance Security -

  • The Payroll fax number remains 862-2123. Please use this number for any documents that need to be faxed to the Payroll department. To ensure confidentiality, you should use a cover sheet.
  • Payroll & FAST, U.S. and Campus mail should be addressed to 1 Leavitt Lane.
  • It continues to be difficult for some employees to visit the Payroll Office in order to receive “in-person” customer service. Depending on the services needed, special arrangements may be made for the services to be provided by appointment or on UNH-Campus.

Leavitt Lane is located on the west-edge of campus. To get there, follow Main Street out of Durham past the Field House and opposite the red Barns. Leavitt Lane is the second driveway on the left after you pass Route 155A. We will be in the white section of the building to the left as you face the building. Our new entrance is located under the large over-hang on the left side of the building. Customers now have direct access to Payroll and no longer have to pass through other departments.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us at the main line. Thank you in advance for your continued patience and assistance while we move. We will be hosting an Open House once we have settled into the new space and the dust has settled.

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