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On May 3rd, ECG announced the receipt of a fix for the connection issues found since we upgraded our servers last winter. Here is an update;

Format testing will occur in June:

  • Due to other processes currently in testing, formal testing of 9iAS patch will be delayed until sometime after the first week of June.

You May use 9iAS patch set 16 now:

  • We encourage you to use the new environment at your convenience as extensively as you desire until formal testing is scheduled. We would also encourage you to direct colleagues that are continuing to experience problems in the production environment to try this release. Understand that this is a test environment of limited capacity and performance may not match the production environment.
  • You can access the test environment through this link, but must first launch your VPN before clicking on the link.
    On your first launch, you will be prompted to download a new JInitiator. Just follow the on-screen directions to install.

Please report any issues encountered with this application to Ariel Schmitt.

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Next week, Thursday, May 13th, Banner will be unavailable for a short time in the evening to provide for some hardware maintenance. This down-time is scheduled to begin about 7 PM and should be out for about 30 minutes. Please plan any work you may need to accomplish around this time frame.

Updates regarding this or other outages are available on the gateway page.

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This is an update to everyone who has been experiencing problems staying connected to Banner Finance and/or HR.

Early last winter, just before the holidays, the forms server for Finance and HR was updated. Since that time some people have experienced issues with their Banner sessions. Symptoms of this issue cause the user's Banner session to stop responding and the user must begin a new session in order to continue. This can occur when normally working in any Banner form, but almost always occurs when using a screen that requires a lot of scrolling downward in order to view all the data on a screen.

CIS has been working on this problem and believes that Oracle has provided a fix to these problems. Below please see a message from Bill Baber in Enterprise Computing, relating to the expected solution.

In the interim, if you are continuing to experience these types of errors - please contact your campus help-desk and let them know. They will inform CIS, who will be in contact with you to provide assistance until a more complete solution is available.

The day that we were beginning to wonder would ever arrive has arrived! Oracle shipped the ever so long awaited patch set 16. It is a whopper at over 113 MB due to the need to address an impressive list of bugs including all of our favorites. Here is what you can expect in the coming days.

  • We will continue to make the Peridot test server (patch set 15) available until patch set 16 is fully proven.
  • At the earliest opportunity, but only after ECG believes it to be stable, we will provide a second server with patch set 16 installed for your casual exploration.
  • Should the ECG and casual testing go well a formal test will be scheduled. This will be similar to our previous test plan and we would request that everyone on the list participate. This test will be scheduled in a way to minimize conflict with other testing and end-of-year activity. The outcome of this test will inform the production rollout schedule.

Thank you for your patience.

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