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Morning and welcome to Banner 6x.

Thursday evening, during the 7 PM down time, the Oracle application server will be upgraded to address some of the scrolling and disconnection issues some of you have experienced since last November. The installation will be across all USNH/UNH applications (finance, HR, UNH and CLL Student)

What you will notice is if you have not been participating in the ongoing testing, you will be asked to download and install a new J-initiator on your fist access Friday morning. This is the same procedure you have followed several times now - simply follow the instructions online or refer to the instructions on the USNH Gateway page. if you have been engaged in the ongoing testing - you will already have the new software installed on your machine and will not notice any difference. it is expected this upgrade will resolve any issues with sudden disruption in service that have been reported.

As usual, if you experience difficulties with this installation, either installing the new J-initiator or in accessing Banner after you have installed it, please contact your campus help desk.

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Banner will not be available during the upcoming weekend. CIS staff will be performing a UNIX upgrade starting Saturday, August 14, at 8 AM and finishing Monday, August 16 at 6:30 AM.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your campus help desk.

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