Archived Data from prior periods is available in the FYI Archive.

The items in the previous FYI have been reversed in the new year and posted to the old year. This will properly reflect what was expected to occur when the redistribution was performed and should also cause the data based on fiscal year selections to now agree between finance and HR reports.

These were all posted by 6:00 PM on Thursday, so should appear in today's MR reports

If you have any questions, please contact your campus help desk of Banner Finance.

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The Banner HR redistribution process will support virtually any date that a user chooses to put in the form as a posting date and many of these dates process as the date of the original event, however in Finance - the period is closed at the end of each period. So what occurs is the redistribution (DCN) is performed in May for an original paying event from October results in a transaction generated from HR and sent to finance in May - with a transaction date of October. Obviously, since October is long since closed in France, we were getting a large number of transactions that we could not post. So as part of a triage item sometimes last summer/fall - we had a process put in place that would adjust dates to process in open periods.

There is an error that appears when you move between a transaction that has a vendor code assigned to one that does not have a vendor code assigned. The error says there is an "invalid address code or sequence number". Simply click on the ok button. This has not impacted any data or other processing and users in testing did not feel this was a significant issue. Some of you may have received some other errors on the INVT form in the past few days. These errors were related to this new functionality and have been adjusted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your campus help desk, your campus PCard administrator or

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As of 2:45 AM - the Grant budgets have been rolled and the 12th month is now closed. Any transactions that are currently in approvals with a June date are being unapproved and will need to be edited with a July date and then completed and approved once again.

The processes did not complete before the MR image of the data last night, so the 13th month end numbers will not be reflected in your MR reports until tomorrow.

If you have items that you believe should have processed into the old year and did not make it - please contact Accounting Services. They will provide guidance in how to manage the information.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your campus help desk or Banner Finance.

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We have completed fixing the last of the old year HR transactions and they are in the process of making their way into finance.

This puts us in a position to close the HR encumbrances and begin the grant budget roll.

However, considering how late in the day it is right now - we will close the HR encumbrances beginning tonight - but not complete the grant budget roll until tomorrow night. Considering this is the first year with HR live, it just feels a little less stressed to not push everything through at once. We will have an opportunity to better assess the expected outcome in the morning and therefore assure the system has functioned as expected. This will NOT impact closing the old year as planned on the July 13.

So - one last change in schedule.

We will be closing the HR encumbrances beginning tonight (7/12).

The budget roll for those funds with grant codes will occur overnight tomorrow night (7/13).

Again, sorry for any inconvenience. If you have any questions please contact your local help desk or Banner Finance Production.

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Some of you may have noticed the HR encumbrances for FY04 have not yet been zeroed out and closed. Per the schedule in the Old Year/New Year document - this should have occurred. We have a handful of transactions that remain to be processed related to the HR encumbrance documents. This has delayed, slightly, our plans to close this activity out.

We do expect to complete this activity on Monday, July 12th - and close the HR encumbrances on the 12th. At this time, we do not expect there will be any impact to the schedule for applying approvals to finance documents on Monday or Tuesday - or in closing the period, as planned, on the 13th.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Some statistics on what was rolled - and what was closed.

Items closed:

Document Type Number of Documents Number of Lines
Closed in FY04
POB's 11,966 14,345
POs not eligible to roll 1,592 1,839
Closed in FY03
POB's 11,644 13,228
POs not eligible to roll 1,327 9,872
Percent Change
POB's 3% 8%
POs not eligible to roll 20% (81)%

Items carried forward:

Description FY04 to FY05 BY03 to FY04 % Change
Total number lines 5,329 1728 208%
Number of PO documents rolled 2,208 1449 52%
Total amount of both encumbrance dollars and related budget dollars carried forward 52,876,603.09 46,568,874.45 14%
Average dollars per PO rolled 23,947.74 32,138.63 (25)%
Number of zero dollar POs rolled 791 162 388%
Adjusted average dollars per PO rolled not including documents that are zero dollar 37,315.88 36,184.05 3%

Some interesting points to note about this data. Although the number of lines and documents has increased significantly - the dollars have not. If we also look at the POs we are rolling that have no dollars available in them at all, their balance available is completely zero, it is clear we are continuing to carry forward documents that may or may not be of use.

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Last night (Wednesday, 6/30) we took the system down at 4:00 PM so that we could run some critical finance new year processes. It is now just before 10:00 PM and the system is again available for users - with these two processes completed:

Process to create new year balance sheet amounts (the GL roll)

Process to carry forward open purchase orders that meet the carry forward criteria (the PO Roll)

We are pleased to report that both processes have been completed successfully. Many thanks to everyone who have put in so much time over the past few weeks in preparing the data so that this would run successfully, as well as to the IT folks who spent the evening making sure the system was stable and would be available for you this morning. It truly takes folks from many areas to make this all work so that it is "seamless" (we hope) to you.

Some things you will notice.

  • There are beginning balances in the tables for FY05 balance sheet accounts
  • Fund balances (account codes that begin with a 4) in the tables have been updated as of 6/30/2004 - and those balanceshave also been updated as the beginning balances in the newyear.
  • Purchase orders have been carried over - where qualified. Please see the Old Year/New Year document for more details on what is qualified.
  • Remember to follow the processes outlined in the Old Year/New Year document when charging an invoice against a rolled PO - again details are in the Old Year/New Year document.
  • All other encumbrance activity has been closed and/or removed:
    • All POB documents from FY04 - are closed
    • All PO items that did not meet the roll criteria - are closed
    • All change orders that were not complete and referenced an old year PO have been removed
    • All requisitions that had not been converted to POs havebeen closed.
  • One encumbrance item you will notice is the FY04 HR related encumbrances are still open - they will be required to post the next two payrolls (B1-14 and B2-14) once that is done - these will be closed as well.

As usual, if you have an questions or concerns, please let us know - or contact your campus help desk.

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