Archived Data from prior periods is available in the FYI Archive.

FY 2006 is now open for Requisition processing only.

Please remember the 06 budgets will not be fed to finance until 6/25. Until that time - any other type of transaction that is processed for FY06 will go to the NSF queue.

Thank you.

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There has been some confusion raised regarding the cut-off dates listed in the Old Year/New Year document on the page labeled 'Deadlines for Old Year Documents" and has page 2 printed at the bottom.

There are columns for each of the campuses and under UNH related to internal Purchases (PBOR) there is 6/15 as the cut-off date. These dates relate to transactions being processed manually, not for those related to centrally generated feeds. Note that the Internal Charges indicated 6/22 as a cut-off date, but feeds from sub-systems are accepted through 6/27 (page 21).

If a selling department such as the CIS Technology Store, Facilities, Mail Services, etc. requires a PBOR be entered so that they can complete their final billing, this is entirely reasonable and should continue. It is expected the PBOR would be entered for the amount the selling department requires for their final billing and will be fully liquidated after this last feed has been processed.

Manually processed transactions between individual departments require approvals and other verification between areas that take time. Those are the transactions the cut-off dates for UNH are targeted at, not those related to feeds.

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The FY 05 - 06 Old-Year/New-Year document is now complete and available online at FY 05 - 06 Old-Year/New-Year In addition, there is a list of important dates for FY05-06 available at  Important Dates FY06.

This will be a topic at the next FA Forum in Durham on June 8th. If you have questions, please bring them to the forum.

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