Archived Data from prior periods is available in the FYI Archive.

13th month (June) was successfully closed over the weekend. The period was actually closed late Friday night on July 15.

The Grant budget rolls also occurred successfully over the weekend.

From this point forward, any activity required for old year (FY 05) will have to be completed by Accounting Staff in USNH Financial Services. Please send email to Linda Bisson, if you need a journal entry done in FY05.

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As of July 1st, some PCard activity will be processing into Banner with a vendor code, address type and address sequence number already assigned. This additional functionality has been enabled through some changes in the data we receive from our bank. Our hope is this will eventually be how all PCard activity is processed, for now an average of about 40% of the transactions we receive are coded with vendor codes. Having a vendor code provides better reporting for Grant Minority and Women owned reporting requirements as well as better reporting for how much we are spending annually with individual vendors.

There is an error that appears when you move between a transaction that has a vendor code assigned to one that does not have a vendor code assigned. The error says there is an "invalid address code or sequence number". Simply click on the ok button. This has not impacted any data or other processing and users in testing did not feel this was a significant issue. Some of you may have received some other errors on the INVT form in the past few days. These errors were related to this new functionality and have been adjusted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your campus help desk, your campus PCard administrator or

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The University System of New Hampshire is raising the equipment capitalization threshold for FY06 purchases from $3,000 to $5,000 effective immediately.

Equipment purchases with a unit cost of $5,000 and above with a useful life of more than one year should use the applicable capital equipment account code in the 740 series, generally 740000.

Colleges/departments that want to track non-capital equipment purchases should note that the 715 account code series is available for this purpose.

NOTE: A separate memo with details for UNH sponsored programs equipment accounts will be sent by Kathy Cataneo.

Questions can be directed as follows:

Accounting questions to Pascha Gerni at 862-2644 or via email at

Requisition questions to Denise Smith at 862-3396 or via email at

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Welcome to FY 2006!

New year Budgets posted last Saturday.

The HR encumbrances for the New Year were posted on 6/29.

The rolls are complete and reconciled

We are in FY 2006.

See details and lists of documents denied in approvals or with date changes as outlined in the Old year - New year document.

Happy New Year!

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