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As of March 24, 2006 at 6:30 AM, a new FAAINVT form will be available in production.

Some of the long awaited functionality enhancements include:

  • Sweep Date will no longer accept an invalid date (for example 01-JUL-0206 or blank)
  • Save message is now displayed for all vendor changes
  • "Notes"/Text field is now available for each transaction
  • Save message is not displayed for FOAPAL changes
  • No transactions are hidden when a vendor code is assigned - all transactions are viewable on the form

Further details of these changes can be found below.

Of course we can't have too much of a good thing. The improvements do come with a slight navigational issue. If you make a change to the FOAPAL or add lines and then wish to return to the first screen to modify the Sweep Date, you should return to the first screen by one of the following methods;

  • Previous block using the Ctrl-Page-Up keys or by clicking the Previous Block Icon on the mean bar until you are back to the vendor area on the 1st page.
  • -OR-
  • Next block using the Ctrl_Page-Down keys or by clicking the Next Block Icon on the menubar until you are back to the vendor area on the 1st page.

If you navigate back to the 1st page in any other manner, you will not be able to alter any data, including the Sweep Date, until you have re-queried for the transaction. Of course, you can change the Sweep Date before you go to the second page with no changes in navigation at all

With the implementation of these changes to the FAAINVT form, the PCard vendor code insert process will once again be enabled. This process provides the automatic assignment of vendor codes to each transaction. The assignment of the vendor codes will enhance reporting capabilities for all PCard transactions.

Details on Improvements/Fixes to the FAAINVT form

General Issues: Users are now always informed that their changes have been saved when they leave either page of the form by a previous block, next block, or by pressing the save button or F10.

Vendor Code Information: When a vendor code is assigned to any transaction, either by USNH's automatic process or by a user, the transaction will always display. When we first began assigning the vendor codes, for a very small population of our vendors - the name assigned to that vendor was too long for the FAAINVT form to display. As a result, the form would simply not display the transaction at all. Once this issue was identified, we suspended assigning vendor codes until the problem would be remedied, it now has been. as a result, we will also resume the process that assigns the vendor code to the transaction with the implementation of this form

  1. The sweep date can no longer be deleted. Until now, the date could accidentally be deleted and it would cause the transactions not to sweep. With this fix, the user will receive the following error message if the sweep date is accidentally deleted:
  2. "Cannot delete PCard transaction sweep date or set to NULL. Sweep date has been reset to original value".
  3. Users can no longer change the sweep date to a date that is prior to the Banner implementation. Until now, the date could be changed to a date with a year that was not defined in Banner. For example, if digits were transposed in the year resulting in a year of say 0206 to be entered, although it is an actual date - it is not one that has even been defined in Banner. If something like this occurs, the user will receive the following error message:
  4. "PCard transaction sweep date cannot be in an undefined fiscal year and period. Sweep date has been reset to original value".

Notes field: A new notes section has been added to the second page of the form. This is established to work just as the similar field on the Invoice form does. You may use the 2nd box, which is a text field for notes. The text field will allow up to 50 characters. By default, it will contain the words "purchase Card Transaction" then a lengthy number. This can be left as it is - or you may replace it with some data that describes this purchase for your needs. This field is passed to the Invoice when this document is posted as the commodity description just as it would be if you had entered it on the FAAINVE form yourself.

Bank Code: On the FOAPAL block, the defaulting of all elements has been corrected, including the Bank Code from the Fund table. This will now behave as on other forms where the Bank Code defined on the Fund table defaults in as appropriate on new lines.

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Some of you may have noticed that your PCard transactions from last evening, March 20, 2006, did not sweep even though you expected them to. The reason is the process experienced a problem during its run last Friday night, March 17, 2006. There was little impact on the transactions, all but 6 transactions processed successfully. IT spent most of the day looking at the issue and believe they have found a solution. However, the solution was arrived at so late in the day there was not time to test it before last night's Sweep run.

The solution is being tested today and presuming it works as expected - the sweep should run tonight picking up both yesterday's and today's activity.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you - and we will keep you posted if there are any other developments.

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