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We are happy to announce that we have recently hired three new staff members in the USNH/UNH Accounts Payable Department; Susan Booth, Ellen Munoz, and Dianne DeMaggio. I'm sure that you will join me by welcoming them. Susan started on Wednesday January 10th as the Travel Coordinator and has been working closely with Delina Malo-Juvera and Jenn Danis to quickly learn our travel policies and procedures. Ellen Munoz and Dianne DeMaggio began on thursday January 11th and are expected to continue their employment through April 2007 in order to provide office coverage while Delina is away on maternity leave. We will be in very good hands and I'm certain that the time will pass quickly for Delina and also for us.

You can continue to contact USNH/UNH Accounts Payable at or by calling the main AP line at 862-1474.

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