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The vendor payment process was recently reviewed. While everyone is ding OK, it was determined that some areas could use some improvement in order to minimize the delay in paying vendors that then result in an overuse of express checks. Listed below are some friendly reminders regarding processing expectations in order to ensure that your invoices are able to be processed as expected and that vendors and travelers are paid on time.

  1. Throughout the week - Each BSC shall have delivered/mailed to FAST-Imaging any invoices processed and approved at the BSC.
  2. Friday 1PM - Each BSC shall have either faxed or delivered to USNH AP at 1LL all entered Banner invoices (travel reimbursement and other AP payments) requiring USNH AP approval. Failure to do this could cause a delay in timely payment.
  3. Friday close of business - Each BSC shall have entered and approved Banner invoices not requiring USNH AP approval if they would like a check issued on the Monday morning AP check run.
  4. Friday close of business - Any invoices not previously mailed should be delivered to FAST-Imaging to avoid delay in imaging for our Monday audits.
  5. Friday close of business - Each BSC shall have delivered all "Hold & Call" notices to USNH AP. Also, be sure to enter the appropriate carrier code to signify "hold and call." All other checks will be released Tuesday morning if USNH AP has not been notified to do otherwise.
  6. Friday close of business - Each BSC shall have delivered all enclosures to USNH AP. Please note that enclosure checks with missing enclosure will be researched and the BSC will be contacted for immediate attention. The absolute deadline for receiving enclosures is Monday by the close of business. If enclosures are not received, checks will be released without the enclosure. The BSC will then be responsible for following up with the vendor regarding the absent enclosure.

For your convenience, there is a drop slow - available 24/7 - located at the main entrance door where you may drop off any items for USNH Financial Services (Accounts Payable & Travel, FAST-Imaging or Payroll).

Our collective goal is to pay vendors on time in the most efficient manner. You can help by following these guidelines. We appreciate your efforts in helping to achieve this goal.

Please call Jenn Danis at 862-4512 if you have any questions or need any additional information.

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The 2006 Big Book is now available on the USNH Financial Services web site. You may use the follwing ling: USNH Audited Financial Statements. Each section has its own link from the Table of Contents, so that you may print a section without printing the whole Big Book. Each section opens in PDF format. There are thumbnails within each PDF to show individual schedules within each section. The page numbers in each PDF match the Table of Contents so that finding a specific page is easier.

Please contact Karen Glew at 862-4072 should you have any questions on the schedules.

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