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Due to the timing of when month end for January occurs, we will be modifying the timing of posting this week's payroll to finance. Our normal process would be to post this week's transactions at 1 AM on Thursday morning. Although the check dates are always the upcoming Friday, the process uses the date of processing for the encumbrance activity. This is typically not an issue as both Thursday and Friday are generally within the same fiscal month. Occasionally - like this month - the month end falls in such a way that Thursday is in one month and Friday in the next, in this case - Thursday is the 31st of January and Friday is the 1st of February.

This would cause encumbrances in Finance to be liquidated in January and the related funds not expended until February. The result would cause significant reporting issues and incorrect BBAs to be reported for January month end.

To remedy this issue - for this week only - we will not process any HR activity into finance at 1 AM on Thursday, January 31st. We will then post both the B2-2 payroll activity and any other adjustments made during the day on Wednesday and Thursday at 1 AM on Friday, February 1st. This will mean you will not see the results of this activity in MR until Monday, February 4th, but the month end numbers you see on Friday, February 1st will be more accurate and the payroll activity will be updated in Banner by the 1st. So you will be able to see the results of the activity in finance forms on Friday but not in MR until Monday.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions or concerns please contact -

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