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Over the past several months, we've experienced a significant increase in volume of express check requests. Therefore, in an effort to provide better service and also to be able to meet this demand in the most efficient manner, we will run a second AP check run on Thursday.

Starting the week of March 31, 2008, USNH Financial Services will begin processing a second AP check run on Thursday afternoons in addition to the existing Monday check run. The Monday run, our primary run, will not change; however, we expect that the two runs will eliminate the need for express checks. Adding a second check run will allow for a more efficient payment of invoices that were unable to be included in the Monday check run.

Which invoices will be included in the Thursday run? The Thursday afternoon run will include any invoice that has been completed/approved after the Monday run with a pay date less than or equal to Saturday of the same week (i.e. if it were to be paid Thursday, 4/3/08, it must have a pay date less than or equal to Saturday, 4/5/08). The invoice document must be at complete/approval prior to Thursday at 12:45pm. If the invoice document needs USNH/UNH Accounts Payable’s approval, the necessary information must be received by your AP representative by 8:00 am on Thursday morning to allow sufficient time to review, resolve any issues and approve the document prior to the 12:45pm deadline.

Accounting Services will continue to perform an audit on each of our check runs; Monday and Thursday. The audit consists of all invoices greater than or equal to $25,000 as well as a specific selection of invoices. It is necessary for the supporting documentation to be contained in the Liberty Imaging system in order for any audited check to be released in a timely manner. If the support is not found in Liberty, the check will be held until the supporting material becomes available. On many occasions, AP staff will contact you directly in an attempt to obtain the needed documentation prior to its presence in Liberty. Your assistance is appreciated by making sure that the supporting materials are received by FAST-Imaging prior to the check run that will include the invoice payment. Generally, if all is in order, checks from the Thursday afternoon run will be released on Friday.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact your AP representative. USNH/UNH Accounts Payable staff can be reached by calling 862-1474 or writing to

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Posting will be unavailable 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM on Monday, March 3 in order to install a patch. Please continue to process transactions like you normally do during that time period. When posting resumes at 12:00 PM, it will process any transactions that have built up in the queue.

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