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Reminder that we will be doing a stress test on UTST today between 1 and 2. Thank you all who have let me know you will be participating and if you have not let me know yet - pleae do - we need all the support we can get from our users.

Remember the instructions ar elocated below and at the HR web site.

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The first will be held on Monday, 10/22/2007 between 1PM and 2PM.  The second is scheduled for Monday, 10/29/2007.

We need as much participation in this testing as possible.  After the experiences that some other large schools have encountered with this type of upgrade, your assistance and the participation of staff at each of the campuses is critical to making sure we have a smooth upgrade on November 5th.

The testing lab at 1 Leavitt Lane, Room 155 will be open during that time for testers if any of you would rather come here.  Also, if you would like some support in your area during that time, FAST staff will be available to the extent we have enough to go around.

Instructions are as follows:

Aside from having the new JRE, which you will be required to have for all Banner sessions by Monday, 10/15 - there should be no other setup requirements for your machines to participate in the testing. 

Users should select the UTST instance from the gateway page


And then log on as usual.

This is not a Banner upgrade, so all the forms have not been modified - this is a test of the underlying support structure for Banner, not Banner itself.

Once logged on - users should process similar types of documents that they normally would, Requisitions, Journal Vouchers, Invoices, etc. or query screens such as DOCR.  The testing will take note of everyone's activity which is what we are trying to test.

When the test is complete, if you could please send an email to "Banner Finance Production" with the number of users involved, if you are responding for a group, and your sense of how the system performed for you during your test for example if you felt it was really responsive to your queries or screens refreshed very quickly, that sort of thing.

If you have any difficulty logging in, or you find that the system is unresponsive or other access type issues, please report them to your campus help desk.

Thank you in advance for all your assistance.

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