Archived Data from prior periods is available in the FYI Archive.

Since the implementation of Banner 7.x the process that encumbers HR salary and fringe has in some cases been calculating the values incorrectly. there are several known issues that have been connected with this recalculation problem such as terminations, multiple changes in accounting distributions, shifting between leave states etc. None of this was encountered during testing, even though the testing did have 8 additional payrolls run after year-end in the testing environment.

The issue that caused this calculation problem has been found and corrected. The corrected process was migrated to production last night and was run against the production data. We have reviewed all known encumbrance issues that have been reported to either STHRs, FAST or USNH Payroll and in all but one case the issues have been resolved. The one case is not related to this issue and continues to be reviewed.

This information is already in the Banner tables and will be populated into the MR reporting environment with the snap tonight. Please review any issues that you have been experiencing and let us know if you feel there continues to be problems.

Alice Samuel, FAST
Carol Powers, STHR
Stephanie Behan, USNH Disbursement Services

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The first quarterly USNH and UNHF endowment pool payout feeds for FY08 have been posted to Banner. As in the prior year, the payout will be posted four times per year in equal increments. This will align the timing of the general ledger activity with the timing of the actual investment withdrawals activity and, accordingly, will improve the related calculations of percentage returns. We realize that this change may result in deficit balances for some payout funds during the year. However, as long as the spending do9es not exceed the payout estimates published last spring for each fund, there should not be any related fund balance deficits on 6/30/08.

Also this year the payout was calculated using the average of each endowment pool's market value per unit for the twelve quarters ended 12/31/06. this allows us to estimate the payout for each endowment fund during the budget prep cycle each spring.

The USNH Board of Trustees and the UNHF Board of Directors are actively reviewing the current endowment payout policy and procedures. We will send additional updates throughout the year in this regard as we work to estimate the FY09 endowment payout for the budget prep cycle this Spring.

Please contact Carol Smith at 862-2622 if you have any questions on these entries.

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Starting Monday, September 24th the Accounts Payable department will be reorganized so that the day-to-day workload is being shifted to spread it across all four staff members rather than each person taking on a difference piece of the pie. This change will provide better service to all the campuses/BSCs. Each campus/BSC will have an individual assigned to take care of the following business needs.

  1. Travel reimbursements
  2. Travel advances
  3. Vendor payments (i.e. weekly check run, express checks, wires, etc.).
  4. Petty Cash replenishments
  5. Invoice or check voids/cancels/reissues
  6. Guidance on questions related to policy, current situations, or special needs

The following link lists which A/P staff person is assigned to your Campus/BSC: Responsibility List by Campus/BSC 

A/P staff will require an adjustment period to get acclimated to the new aspects of the business that they currently do not handle. We are looking forward to the challenge and appreciate your assistance during the transition period and long into the future. We ask that you continue to send requests to the "Accounts Payable" email address. A/P staff will continue to monitor email, handling their responsible areas of business, but able to assist others as needed. Thanks!

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Another fiscal yearend has passed and as the new academic year begins we expect our business operations to return to a normal level, which would mean an increase in document processing. We thought it appropriate to remind you of the timeline for invoice payment processing. The list below contains the schedule of days and times for tasks associated with our AP processing. This is simply a reminder as there are no changes. Following this schedule will ensure that our vendors are paid on time.

  1. Daily - deliver/mail to FAST - Imaging any invoice documents processed and approved at the BSC. Delivered documents can be left in our "drop-slot" located at the main entrance to USNH Financial Services at 1 Leavitt Lane that is available 24/7.
  2. Daily - deliver/mail to FAST - Imaging any invoice documents greater than or equal to $25,000 as they will always be in the audit selection.
  3. Friday 1 PM - fax or deliver to USNH/UNH AP at 1LL all entered Banner invoices for travel reimbursement and other AP payments that require USNH AP approval. Failure to do this could cause a delay in timely payment.
  4. Friday close of business - Enter and approve all Banner invoices that do not require USNH/UNH AP approval in order for a check to be issued in the Monday AP check run.
  5. Friday close of business - Deliver any completed invoices not previously mailed to FAST - Imaging to avoid delay in imaging. These documents are needed during the Monday audit review.
  6. Friday close of business - Deliver all "Hold & Call" notices to USNH/UNH AP. Remember to enter the appropriate carrier code to signify "hold and call". The codes are: UNH, System and GSC = U000 or other BSC assigned code beginning with "U0"), KSC = K*00, PSU = PG*A. All other checks will be released Tuesday morning if USNH/UNH AP has not been notified to do otherwise.
  7. Friday close of business - Deliver all enclosures to USNH/UNH AP. Remember to enter the appropriate carrier code to signify an "enclosure". The code for UNH, System and GSC is UE00 and a "delivery point" code of "1". Please note that enclosure checks with missing enclosure supporting documents will be researched and the BSC will be contacted to take immediate action to supply the missing documentation. The absolute deadline for receiving enclosures is Monday by the close of business. If missing enclosures are not received, checks will be released without the enclosure. The BSC will then be responsible for following up with the vendor regarding the absent enclosure.

Please let us know if you have a situation in which you need guidance or where we can provide assistance. Remember, we are here to assist you to achieve our collective goal to pay vendors accurately and on time while complying with policy and regulations. If you have questions or need any additional information, USNH/UNH Accounts Payable staff can be reached by calling 862-1474 or writing to Or, you can reach Jenn Doherty, Accounts Payable Manager at 862-4512 or via email at

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USNH is hosting the NEBUG conference which will be held in Durham on October 1. This is just a reminder that if you haven't registered yet for The New England Banner Users Group (NEBUG) 2007 conference there is still time though slots are filling up quickly and we cap participants at about 250 people in order to ensure that we have small enough groups to facilitate meaningful discussion. A complete description of the conference and the registration procedure can be found on the USNH HR website, This is a great one-day conference at a very inexpensive price ($55) - please pass the word on to your Banner users so that they can be guaranteed a seat befdore we have to close registration.

A link to the site for information and registration is here.

As with previous conferences, our break out sessions will be focused on both the business and functional areas of the following:

  • Admissions
  • Advancement
  • Finance
  • Financial Aid
  • Human Resources
  • Student Financial Services
  • Student Records/Registrar
  • Technical

This is a great opportunity for many folks who do not get to attend the larger conferences to meet and talk about issues with other Banner users. Please forward this email to anyone you believe might be interested in attending the conference.

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