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Direct Deposit forms have been updated to reflect new email policy for direct deposit notices. See Payroll Forms for new forms

As you know, Manchester Airport is suspending their free parking privileges for USNH employees effective September 1st. This email is to advise you that we have found an alternative solution. We have worked out a negotiated discount rate for parking for all USNH institutions. The Highlander Inn will charge only $7./day for airport parking. They'll also provide 24-hour complimentary 24-hour on-demand shuttle service to and from the airport. This service is offered to all staff, faculty, students and parents. See brochure for further information. This discounted service offer is valid through June 30, 2010.

  • Important FYI for USNH Travelers regarding NO Free Parking at Manchester-Boston Airport:

Effective September 1, 2009, the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport will suspend parking validations for USNH and State employees who are traveling for business.   

Mark Brewer, Airport Director, notified Governor Lynch that the tough economic times have forced the airport to change their practice of providing free parking to USNH employees when they travel on official USNH business.  They regret having to make this difficult decision, but economic time have forced them to make this change.  See attached copy of the letter to Governor Lynch.

We checked with airport administration regarding how they intend to handle any trips that are in progress on September 1st as to whether the traveler would be expected to pay a partial or full rate upon their return.  The Airport indicated that the change is in effect for any travel that begins on or after September 1st, therefore any trips that begin before this date would receive the free parking validation upon the traveler's return.

It is important to notify travelers in your departments/divisions of this change as it may impact their budgets and so that they can make the necessary travel arrangements. Travelers should refer to the USNH Travel Policy (Chapter 7) for guidance on allowable expense reimbursements keeping in mind that USNH will reimburse for parking at the least expensive method reasonable for the business trip. 

Please contact Jay Lamoureux, Disbursement Manager at 862-4512 or Susan Booth, USNH Travel Coordinator at 862- 2642,  if you have questions or need assistance or any additional information.

Stephanie Behan
UNSH Director of Corporate Disbursement

Payroll Time entry forms and instructions have been updated to reflect the change in overtime policy effective as of 7/1/2009. Forms can be accessed from here.

Four procedures that were made available for comment in late spring have been finalized and published to the Policies and Procedures area. Thank each of you who reviewed this material and provided feed-back. The procedures that have been finalized and published are;

If you have any questions, please contact Carol Sendak at

Welcome to FY 2010!

The general ledger and encumbrances were rolled on Tuesday, June 30 and should also appear in the MR data from last nights refresh. All balances have been brought forward into FY 2010 and dual year processing is in effect. Please see the Old Year/New Year document for appropriate processing of activity. All old year activity should be processed into the system by Friday, July 10. Thirteenth month will be closed on Wednesday, July 15 at which time the remaining grant budgets will be rolled into FY 2010. If you have any questions regarding Old Year/New Year processing, please see the Old Year/New Year document. If that does not resolve your questions, please see the "For Assistance" section for the appropriate contact persons at each of the campuses.

Thanks and have a great New Year!

  • FY 2009-2010 Old Year/New Year Update

All New Year Budgets from Budget Development have been successfully posted. HR FY2010 Salary and Fringe encumbrances have been calculated in HR and posted successfully in finance. The encumbrance number for this activity is PR100001. HR is now in FY2010.

A few reminders related to Old Year/New Year processing;

  • Purchase orders and general encumbrances should be finalized, as appropriate, in preparation for the encumbrance roll which will occur on Tuesday, June 30.
  • All general encumbrances will be closed as of Tuesday, June 30; no general encumbrances will be carried over into the New Year.
  • FY2009 Payroll encumbrances (encumbrance document number PR090001) will be closed on Monday, July 13.

On Tuesday, June 30;

Please refer to the FY09-10 Old Year/New Year document and/or the FY09-10 Important Dates list for additional details.

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