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Congratulations to PSU in their fantastic implementation of the Banner Finance Student Refund process. This process, originally designed for UNH refunds, was adapted to the needs of PSU. PSU has enabled a mechanism for their students to request their refunds be electronic via their student web forms. As a result - the volume of activity for this past week's refunds has been astounding. Roughly 80% of the activity for this cycle is being paid to the students electronically which makes the funds available to them the next day.

Thanks to ECG staff, PSU IT, PSU Bursar's office and USNH FAST staff for their hard work in adapting this process for use at PSU. Great work guys!!!!!

PSU ACH and checks for 02/11/2010.

Count % Count
ACH 1155 78.79%
Checks 311 21.21%
Total 1466 100.00%
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