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  • Negative Balances on the NBAPBUD

In the process of recovering from the Payroll's feed to finance production failures from Tuesday evening's production, an additional issue was introduced due to the timing of when these processes were re-run.

Normal payroll production runs during the day on Wednesdays. We believed when we restarted the failed 3/30 jobs from Tuesday night, that they would be completed prior to the completion of the jobs for the current week's payroll; this did not occur. Unfortunately, the jobs ran in sequence with each other resulting in the negative balance amounts you are currently seeing in NBAPBUD.

In addition, yesterday was month end (3/31), which meant that the normal nightly payroll run was suspended. All of these issues together result in the unusual view of information currently appearing.

Please be assured, this is only a timing issue - and the values will self correct over night tonight when the normal payroll feed to finance processes are run.

Status of activity:

  • Expenses for B1-7 have been posted to April FY2010 as they should have. There is no impact on March month end expenses.
  • Encumbrances for the B1-7 payroll have not yet been liquidated. This is what is causing the negative balances you are seeing in the NBAPBUD form in HR - since the expenses did not post in finance until the April period - March month end budget balances in finance are not be impacted.
  • Encumbrances for the B2 group are fine in both finance and HR
  • Budgets are fine in both finance and HR.
  • All PHAREDS activity ready to post as of 8:30 AM yesterday morning have been posted into March.

Tonight, the normal payroll processing will occur. This will self-correct the encumbrances for all the B1's and the balances you seen in NBAPBUD tomorrow will be correctly stated.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact either USNH Payroll at 862-1400 or send email to

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