Archived data from prior periods is available in the FYI Archive.

  • FY 2010-2011 Old Year/New Year Update

All New Year Budgets from Budget Development have been successfully posted. HR FY2011 Salary and Fringe encumbrances have been calculated in HR and posted successfully in finance. The encumbrance number for this activity is PR110001. HR is now in FY2011.

A few reminders related to Old Year/New Year processing;

  • Purchase orders and general encumbrances should be finalized, as appropriate, in preparation for the encumbrance roll which will occur on Wednesday, June 30.
  • All general encumbrances will be closed as of Wednesday, June 30; no general encumbrances will be carried over into the New Year.
  • FY2010 Payroll encumbrances (encumbrance document number PR100001) will be closed on Wednesday, July 14.

    On Wednesday, June 30;

  • The system will be closed to users at 5 PM.
  • The encumbrance roll for qualified Old Year Purchase Orders will occur(see the Old Year/New Year document for details).
  • The general ledger balances will be rolled.

Please refer to the FY10-11 Old Year/New Year document and/or the FY10-11 Important Dates list for additional details.

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