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    • Update on Parking at Manchester Airport
    USNH has been working with the State of NH Dept of Admin Svcs (Div of Plant & Property) and the Manchester Regional Airport in adding all USNH entities to the State's contract with the airport for discounted parking. This will give USNH two options for discounted parking --- The Highlander Inn and the Manchester Airport's discounted pricing arrangement with the State of NH.
    Links to forms and instructions:
    Also see the USNH Travel web page.
    • USNH Financial Services 2010 Holiday Notice
    The 2010 USNH Financial Services Holiday Schedule has been posted. Holiday Schedule
    • Tax Related Services Update
    USNH Financial Services is reorganizing our delivery of tax-related services. As a result of these changes, we are eliminating the position of Tax Director and the various tax responsibilities will be distributed throughout our Accounting and Disbursement Services Departments. We have set up a new email address to ensure your continued service during this transition period. Beginning today, please forward all tax communication to or 862-2582.
    Note that USNH Financial Services does not provide personal or individual tax consultations. Accordingly, we ask that you limit your inquiries to questions of a corporate nature.
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