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    • Unimarket orders with Office max

    All Unimarket Users

    There was an incident reported this morning regarding purchasing with OfficeMax via Unimarket. The user completed their selections in OfficeMax but then lost all their data when leaving OfficeMax. We have investigated this further and it only occurs under certain circumstances.
    • The vendor being used is a "punch-out" - catalogs continue to work fine
    • You have Internet Explorer version 8 (IE8) or higher installed on your desktop.
    - note - if you have Windows 7 operating system installed on your system - you also have IE8 on your system.
    Unimarket is aware of the issue and is currently working on it.
    If you are currently not on IE8 - please do not upgrade your systems until we have a resolution. If you are on IE8, please contact Trisha Waters at 862-2878 or via email for a temporary work-around.
    • Banner Finance/HR/Oracle 11g upgrade on Saturday, April 16 - Sunday, April 17
    Banner Finance Users,
    Over the weekend of Saturday, April 16 and Sunday, April 17, Banner Finance/HR (BPRD) will be upgraded to Banner Finance 8.5/General 8.4/Human Resource 8.4.1 and Oracle 11g. The primary purpose of the upgrade is to stay current with Oracle. The Banner module upgrades are minor releases that contain a variety of bug fixes. There should not be any change with regards to look and feel or performance.
    Here is the upgrade schedule:
    1. 1. We will run our full Friday, April 15 production schedule.
    2. 2. Banner Finance/HR will be unavailable starting 7:00 AM on Saturday, April 16.
    3. 3. The upgrade will be performed from Saturday, April 16 through Sunday, April 17.
    4. 4. No production will be run on Saturday, April 16 or Sunday, April 17.
    5. 5. Banner Finance/HR should be available for the start of business on Monday, April 18.
    MR will perform their standard Sunday night snap.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your campus help desk or send email to
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