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  • New Single Page Checkout from Unimarket

Update for all Unimarket eProcurement Buyers Effective May 1, 2012, the checkout page in eProcurement is being upgraded. The entire checkout process is now encompassed on a single page, as opposed to navigating to “next” page for the checkout process. This is a much cleaner presentation, more efficient, with fewer keystrokes and allows you to see all your entries on one page while submitting your order. If you have an eProcurement account and have not utilized eProcurement in a while this is good opportunity to give it a try. Please forward any questions or comments regarding this change to

  • May 2012 is now open

The month of May is now open in Banner Finance. If you are entering documents that are not expected to be completed and approved before the end of the day on April 30, then please enter them with May dates. This will reduce the number of documents that will need to be disapproved and re-entered with new dates.

  • Warning about dangerous phishing attempt

Please be aware of the message indicated below. This is not an official request from IT; it is not associated with USNH or any of its member campuses.

As Petr recommends – please delete this message without clicking on the link.

The image below represents a dangerous phishing attempt. Please advise your constituents to not respond to it. If anyone clicked on the link in the phishing message, and/or entered their password, please advise them to change their passwords and contact the UNH IT Service Desk immediately. A warning about this dangerous phishing attempt is also posted on the UNH IT Security Website.

Thank you,

Beginning of Phishing message image:

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