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Who to contact in USNH Financial Services​
1099-Misc QuestionsJay Lamoureux2-4512
Uniform GuidanceFrancine Ndayisaba2-3127
Abandoned PropertyMark Ford2-0639
Account ReconciliationsFrancine Ndayisaba2-3127
Accounts Payable - Unclaimed ChecksSally Christensen2-1666
Audit QuestionsFrancine Ndayisaba2-3127
Capital Equipment/Property Control (non-UNH areas)Jennifer Doherty2-2622
Capital Equipment (UNH)Carol Main2-5041
Cash Control, Reconciliations, Handling, etc.Francine Ndayisaba2-3127
Banner FormsUNH IT Help Desk2-4242
Banner Fund/Org/Account CreatesSara Sheedy2-2551
Banner Journal Adjustments and CorrectionsFrancine Ndayisaba2-3127
Banner Training - IntroductoryUNH IT Training Center2-4242
Banner User Account CreatesUNH IT Accounts
Employee vs Independent Contractor DeterminationJay Lamoureux2-4512
Endowment AccountingKaren Glew2-4072
Foundation (UNHF) AccountingVy Schwartz2-4171
Fringe Benefits Rate CalculationsFrancine Ndayisaba2-3127
Fund Balance TransfersFrancine Ndayisaba2-3127
GASB/FASB ComplianceCarol Mitchell2-2582
Gift AccountingKaren Glew2-4072
Grants and Contracts Accounting (UNH)UNH SPA2-0609
Grants and Contracts Accounting (GSC, KSC, PSU)Francine Ndayisaba2-3127
Indirect Costs Calculations (PSU, KSC, GSC)Francine Ndayisaba2-3127
Interdepartmental Purchases & Sales (IV)Dianne DeMaggio2-2599
Internal Control QuestionsFrancine Ndayisaba2-3127
Management ReportingJackie Snow (UNH IT)2-4238
Negative Fund Balance RequestsCarol Mitchell2-2582
Old Year/New Year (Finance)Francine Ndayisaba2-3127
Payments to EmployeesCampus Payroll office or USNH Disbursments2-1474
Payments to VendorsUSNH Disbursments2-1474
Payroll - Unclaimed ChecksSally Christensen2-1666
Petty Cash Fund EstablishmentFrancine Ndayisaba2-3127
Petty Cash ReplenishmentUSNH Disbursments2-1474
Plant Fund Accounting (Non-UNH areas)Jennifer Doherty2-2622
Plant fund debt PaymentsKaren Benincasa2-2597
Responsibility Center Management (RCM)UNH-VPFA2-2232
Service Center Creation/RatesKerry Scala (UNH)2-1355
Tax QuestionsFrancine Ndayisaba2-3127
Travel Expense Vouchers, Reimbursements, AdvancesLynn Anderson2-2642
UNH Departmental Cash Receipts and DepositsDianne DeMaggio2-2599
Wire Transfers (Incoming)Dianne DeMaggio2-2599
Wire Transfers (Outgoing)Nancy Peterson2-4159

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