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    • Users that experienced problems querying FRIGITD.
    Banner Finance Users,
    Some users are experiencing problems querying FRIGITD (Grant Inception to Date Form). IT is aware of and working to resolve the problem.
    • USNH Financial Services Offices Closing Early

    USNH Financial Services Offices
    (Accounting Services, Disbursement Services,
    Purchasing, FAST, Internal Audit)

    will be closed from 3:15 pm to 5:00 pm on Thursday, May 26, 2011 so that the staff can attend an important meeting.
    All offices will re-open Friday, May 27th at their normal operating hours.
    Please plan accordingly.
    If you have any questions, call ahead to your contact person or to
    Nancy Borman
    Elizabeth Demeritt House
    Ellen McDonald
    1 Leavitt Lane
    Thank you.

    • 2011 HR & Payroll Deadlines- Updated
    The deadlines have been updated for changes due to year-end processing. If the schedule you see does not say "Update 5/25/2011" at the top of the page - refresh your screen to display the most recent version.
    Update Schedule is at
    2011 HR & Payroll Deadlines
    • Users that experienced problems querying FRIGITD.
    Banner Finance Users,
    The problem with FRIGITD has been resolved.
    • Some users are experiencing problems querying FRIGITD.
    Banner Finance Users,
    Some users are experiencing problems querying FRIGITD (Grant Inception to Date Form). IT is aware of and working to resolve the problem.
    • Banner Finance/HR and Unimarket are now available
    Banner Finance and Unimarket Users,
    Banner Finance/HR and Unimarket are now available.
    • Banner Finance/HR and Unimarket should be back online shortly
    Banner Finance and Unimarket Users,
    We've run into additional difficulties. IT continues to work on the problem. We aren't sure when the system will be available but will keep you informed. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    • Banner Finance/HR and Unimarket should be back online by 9 AM
    Banner Finance and Unimarket Users,
    Due to production problems, Banner Finance/HR and Unimarket are not currently available. IT is working on resolving the problems. Banner Finance/HR and Unimarket should be back online by 9 AM.
    • Changes in Check Runs for Memorial Day 2011
    Week of Memorial Day May 30th - Jun 3rd , 2011
    Note: All items in red have an altered schedule from a routine week
    • Accounts Payable
      • Tuesday, May 31st
        1. AP ACH (pushed back from Monday)
        2. AP Checks (pushed back from Monday)
      • Thursday, June 2nd
        1. AP ACH @ 1 PM (normal)
        2. AP Checks @ 1 PM (normal)
    • Student Rebates
      • Tuesday, May 31st
        1. PSU Student ACH (pushed back from Monday)
      • Wednesday, June 1st
        1. UNH student ACH (pushed back from Tuesday)
        2. UNH student checks (pushed back from Tuesday)
        3. GSC student checks (pushed back from Tuesday)
        4. PSU Student ACH (normal)
      • Thursday, June 2nd
        1. PSU Student checks (normal)
        2. PSU Student ACH (normal)
    • 2011 Deferred Pay Calculator
    The "Deferred Pay Calculator", has been updated and is available for you to use and/or share with faculty and flex-year staff whose appointment year is less than the full fiscal year. The tool assists an employee who chooses to set aside a portion of their earnings as savings in order to draw on this savings during the non-work period. The tool is self explanatory, requiring the entry of several pieces of information (campus, annual salary, current net pay).
    Find the "Deferred Pay Calculator" through the FINADM web site through Payroll Forms area. 
    The "Deferred Pay Calculator"" is an excel worksheet that's been created to assist with the calculation to determine the amount of biweekly pay that an employee may choose to self-direct via a fixed direct deposit allocation to an interest earning bank account or financial institution.
    This allows them to retain control and access to their earnings, while earning interest and/or dividends through investment at their selected financial institution.  We believe that this is a better personal choice than using Banner's Deferred Pay option which sets aside a portion of their earnings to a non-interest earning account for payment during the summer payout period, which doesn't provide any flexibility for the employee to access the deferred salary - no matter the situation.
    Each year, the "Deferred Pay Calculator" will be updated with the Academic year payment dates and assorted parameters. We've made these changes for ACYR 2011-2012. 
    The tool was rolled out last summer and it was found to be useful. 
    We hope that you will find it user-friendly and more important, we hope that it will assist your faculty and staff to make the choice receive their pay over their appointment year and to use a self-directed fixed direct deposit allotment in order self-manage their money.
    Please feel free to contact Jay Lamoureuxat 862-4512 if you have questions.
    • Banner Finance/HR (BPRD) will be unavailable today between 5:15 and 6:00 PM
    In order to address performance problems, Banner Finance/HR (BPRD) will be unavailable to all users between 5:15 and 6:00 PM tonight Wednesday, May 18. Unimarket will not be available during this timeframe either. This will not have an impact on nightly production such as PCard sweeps and the payroll posting processes.
    • Grant Close-out Workflow
    Many of you are involved with the automated workflow in place to assist in closing out awards at the end of their lives. As with the payroll interface discussed in an earlier FYI, the grant close-out processes have also been negatively impacted by the 11G upgrade.
    This process occurs in the early hours of the morning and had always completed well before 7 AM. Since the upgrade, there have been mornings where these jobs did not complete until after 10 AM.
    Again, we are working with ECG to resolve this processing issue and will keep you posted as to progress.
    • Nightly payroll postings
    Since we went live with Oracle 11G, our nightly production schedule has been negatively impacted regarding performance. This impact has been most notable as it relates to payroll activity posting to finance prior to MR taking a snap-shot of the finance data each night.
    The interface between HR and Finance historically has run in the area of 2 hours every night except Wednesday, when the weekly payroll is processed, on Wednesday it was slightly longer. Since 11G, the Wednesday runs have been taking 4 or more hours and all others have increased significantly as well. The net result is many of your departmental reports are looking quite odd because part of the payroll activity may have been recorded/posted in finance and part may not.
    As an example, last evening, Monday, May 17th, the payroll interface took 7 hours to complete. This resulted in the payroll posting finishing roughly 4 hours after the MR snap of finance data.
    We apologize for the inconvenience. We are working with ECG to remedy the issues and will be looking at altering schedules to eliminate the partial postings, however the issue has not yet been addressed.
    We will keep you posted on developments as we become aware of them.
    • FY 2011 Open Service Provider/Independent Contractor Agreement Purchase Orders to be closed.
    FIS Steering requested a list of all Service Provider/Independent Contractor Agreement Purchase Orders that will be closed on 6/30 regardless of dollar value. This list has been prepared by responsible area and is available online at:
    If you have any questions or concerns please contact your campus purchasing office.
    • Repair work at USNH Financial Services entrance and ramp at 1 Leavitt Lane means an alternate entrance must be used

    Effective Monday May 16, 2011, you will need to access USNH Financial Services (Accounts Payable, Payroll, Travel, and FAST) at 1 Leavitt Lane via the CIS-IT entrance.


    The alternate entrance is necessary due to repair work being done to the stairs and ramp which is expected to take approximately 4 weeks. There is an elevator available for anyone who is unable to utilize the stairs. We should be back to normal by late June.

    How to find us once you've entered the building?

    After entering the building, take a left up the steps, go through the loading dock area and take left after the vending machines through the back door to our offices. Staff can direct you to the front counter once you've entered our office area. There will also be signs posted once you've entered through the CIS-IT entrance.

    Will we be accepting after-hours drop-off for FAST, FAST-Imaging, Payroll, Accounts Payable and Travel?

    Yes. UNH Human Resources has agreed to accept our drop-off deliveries via their mail slot during the repair work. The UNH-HR mail slot will accommodate envelopes up to a maximum size of 8.5x11 inches.
    All documents being dropped off should be placed in an envelope (maximum size = 8.5x11) and must be clearly marked with the recipient's name and/or department to assist with sorting and distributing the deliveries between UNH-HR and our offices. The use of envelopes will protect the confidentiality and aid in sorting the documents.
    • Off-hour deliveries will be collected by us from UNH-HR each morning.
    • Daytime drop-offs can be delivered to our office via the CIS-IT entrance or you can choose to use the UNH-HR mail slot and we'll work with UNH-HR to collect these documents during the day.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance and patience during this period. We regret any inconvenience this temporary change will cause you; however the repairs will create a safe entrance for everyone using our main entrance in the future. Please contact us at 862-1400 if you have questions or need any additional information.
    • Old Year New Year and Important dates documents for FY11-12 are available.
    The FY 11-12 Old-Year/New-Year and Important Dates documents have been updated, reviewed and published. It is available from several locations on the Financial Services web site including the What's New page.
    • IE 8 and Unimarket update
    All Unimarket Users,
    Thank you all for your patience. The issue reported to you on April 22nd where a problem was discovered with IE 8 and orders placed online via the Unimarket interface have been resolved.
    If you were hesitant to upgrade to IE 8 due to this issue or you implemented the temporary work-around, you may remove the work-around and/or install IE 8 without concern.
    • Two new improvements are now available in eprocurement
    All Unimarket Users,
    Two new improvements are now available in eprocurement:
    • During check out, the buyer can now enter any name or text into the "Attention To" field. This field is also editable by the approver. This should help ensure that delivery destinations are clear regardless of who places the order. Example below:
    • Approval email notifications are now sent by order instead of by individual commodity. This should greatly reduce eprocurement emails.
    These changes were the direct result of your feedback. Please keep them coming!
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