Archived data from prior periods is available in the FYI Archive.

  • Processing invoices during 13th month

Just a reminder about processing invoices into the Banner during this period (13th month).

As discussed in detail in Old-Year/New-Year document on page 14, today's date should be used on ALL invoices being processed regardless of the date referenced by the vendor. 

Encumbrance roll for FY11/12

All Purchase Orders that meet the roll criteria (see page 25) will be rolled into the new year. An equal amount of revenue and expenditure budget will be rolled into the New Year with the encumbrance amounts.

Coding "13th" Month

After June 30, subsequent to the encumbrance roll, all invoices should be processed the same way as any other time of the year.

FAAINVE transaction date = Today's date
FAAINVE vendor invoice date = the vendor's invoice date (important)
FAAINVE payment due date = the date the payment should be provided to the vendor (I.E. 30 days from vendor invoice date, 10 days if discount provided, etc.)

If the invoice is referencing a PO that was rolled, continue to reference the rolled PO. If this references a New Year PO, you will reference the new PO. If it does not reference any PO - process as a direct pay.

The key to having the item recorded into the appropriate year is determined by the vendor's invoice date - not by the transaction date.

Coding invoices that reference a PO incorrectly may cause some unexpected results both to the expense lines and to old and new year budget amounts.

  • UNH Student feeds to finance for 6/30/2011

There was a processing problem in posting the last Banner Student feed for FY11 to Banner Finance. The issue is being analyzed and resolved to be corrected in Banner tomorrow, July 6th, however it is likely that this data may not be reflected in the MR reports until Thursday, July 7th.

This means that no data from the week of June 27 through June 30 has yet been posted to Banner Finance. If you were expecting any revenues or expenses to be posted from Banner Student during this period of time to reconcile your accounts, the data has not yet been posted.

We will keep you updated on when these items are posted in Banner Finance.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact UNH Business Office, Cheryl Goetz at

  • Change in Parking at Manchester Airport as of 12/31/2011

FY12 Update: Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Parking

The Highlander Inn will be closing December 30, 2011. Parking will be available to travelers (faculty, staff, students, parents) through January 6, 2012.

USNH faculty and staff will continue to get a discounted rate of $5/day (50% of the posted daily rate) in lots C & D, for parking at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

For further details please refer to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Parking

  • Welcome to FY 2012!

The general ledger and encumbrances were rolled on Thursday, June 30 and should also appear in the MR data from last night's refresh. All balances have been brought forward into FY 2012 and dual year processing is in effect. Please see the Old Year/New Year document for appropriate processing of activity. All old year activity should be processed into the system by Friday, July 15. Thirteenth month will be closed on Monday, July 18 at which time the remaining grant budgets will be rolled into FY 2012. If you have any questions regarding Old Year/New Year processing, please see the Old Year/New Year document. If that does not resolve your questions, please see the "For Assistance" section for the appropriate contact persons at each of the campuses.

Thanks and have a great New Year!

  • Change in Mileage reimbursement rate


Effective July 1, 2011 the standard IRS and USNH mileage reimbursement rate for the use of personal vehicles in the U.S. for USNH business has increased to 55.5 cents per mile for business miles driven (Revenue Procedure 2011-69, released 6/23/2011). [Note: In the event that a Campus sets a different mileage reimbursement rate than the USNH rate, the Campus Financial Services Office will communicate with their travelers.]

The change reflects an increase of 4.5 cents per mile from the 51.0 cent rate that has been in effect for January 1, 2011 - June 30, 2011. The IRS based the increase in recognition of the recent gasoline prices.

Within the next few days, the USNH Personal Reimbursement Form will be updated to reflect the increase change in the mileage rate used for travel reimbursements. The form can be found at Travel References

For any reimbursement for travel that occurred before July 1, 2011, you should continue to use the 51.0 cents per mile rate.

If you have any questions, please contact USNH Accounts Payable at 862-1474 or Susan Booth at

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