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There has been some confusion raised involving invoices connected to Unimarket purchases.

First and fore-most - there should NEVER be a direct pay invoicerequired or processed on any Unimarket activity

Unimarket purchases fall into two distinct types:

Those paid for with a PCard

There should be NO OPEN invoice received on these items



Those "on-account"

These should generate an open Purchase Order Posted to Banner


After the goods are delivered, an invoice with amounts, due dates etc. should be received and processed in Banner


The invoice should always reference an open PO in Banner


The invoice should always be processed as a regular invoice referencing the Banner PO number

When the PCard is being used - the PCard is charged directly and there will be no separate invoice sent to be processed in Banner. The "Invoice" and payment to the vendor is processed via the PCard process just as it is today - no separate invoicing required.

When using Unimarket to order items "on-account" you should ONLY receive an invoice with an amount due displayed where the PCard was NOT used for payment. Should you receive an invoice from a Unimarket vendor and it reflects an amount due, this should also reference a Unimarket PO number on the Invoice. This PO should be in Banner and have an unpaid or open amount related to it. You can retrieve the Banner PO number via the Banner form FPIPOHD - see your training materials for details.

If you cannot find a related Unimarket PO number in Banner or on the "Invoice" - there is most likely an error somewhere. Please contact your campus purchasing office for assistance.

This topic will be discussed more during up-coming training sessions and will be reviewed in detail at the next USNH Unimarket Users Group meeting later this month.

If you have any questions - please contact your campus purchasing office for assistance.

    • New Events link to register for eProcurement training

    There is a new Events link to register for eProcurement training. Please pass on to anyone interested in attending training to purchase through the USNH electronic purchasing system:

    eProcurement Training

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