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  • Changes to AP and Payroll Check Run Schedules for Week of September 3rd.

The check and ACH schedules for the Holiday week of Labor Day will be adjusted as follows to facilitate the deliverance of payments in a timely manner. Keep in mind that the transactions and document entry schedules maybe impacted.

Accounts Payable

Tuesday, September 4th

  • AP ACH (rescheduled from Monday)
  • AP Checks (rescheduled from Monday)

Thursday, September 6th

  • AP ACH @ 1 PM (normal)
  • AP Checks @ 1 PM (normal)

Student Rebates

Tuesday, September 4th

  • PSU Student ACH (rescheduled from Monday)

Wednesday, September 5th

  • UNH student ACH (rescheduled from Tuesday)
  • UNH student checks (rescheduled from Tuesday)
  • GSC student checks (rescheduled from Tuesday)
  • PSU Student ACH (normal)

Thursday, September 6th

  • PSU Student checks (normal)
  • PSU Student ACH (normal)
  • UNH student ACH (normal)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact USNH Accounts Payable at 862-1474 or via email at

  • Most employees listed as vendors on hire

This is to remind you that last October a process was put in place which automatically activates employees as Banner Vendors when they are assigned to a job in HR. This was done to facilitate business expense reimbursement process for all departments by eliminating the tedious task of requesting each employee be activated individually.

The automated process activates Vendor status for specific employee groups (ECLS) where there is a reasonable expectation that a reimbursement or other form of non-employee payment may be needed. The process runs daily. This process was designed to eliminate the need for a specific request to your campus Purchasing office to activate each employee as vendors after a request for reimbursement was received. This should save significant time for the departmental staff entering the transaction and provide for faster return of funds to the employee.

With this process in place, please verify that an employee is not already established as a Banner vendor on the FTMVEND form before requesting an employee be activated. We are anticipating that the majority of employees will already have been activated by the process, however, should you find an employee that is not listed in the VEND tables – please send a request to your Campus Purchasing office and they will activate the employee as soon as possible. Purchasing will keep track of those that have been requested and add additional ECLSs to the list as needed.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. Please contact your campus purchasing office with any questions or concerns.

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