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  • Office Max enabled for electronic invoicing

As of today, On-Account orders with Office Max through Unimarket will generate electronic invoices.

This eliminates the need to manually enter an invoice in BANNER, it will automatically be entered and awaiting appropriate approval. It also eliminates the need to chase documentation for a PCard order. Once receipt of goods has been verified, if no modifications are needed, simply approve the document and it will be posted.

In addition, all vendors we are doing electronic invoicing with are also being paid via electronic funds transfer – which enables them to be paid very rapidly.

This is an exciting opportunity for us with a vendor where we conduct significant business.

Please remember – this is only for “On-Account” orders – not orders submitted with a PCard.

Please let us know how this works for you and your area. Also forward any questions or comments to

  • All Invoice Images are now available via BDMS

As of July 1st, new USNH invoices will be added to BDMS only.

Liberty will continue to be available to all existing users through the end of July in support of year end processing.

All existing Liberty accounts have been established with the same security in the Banner BDMS application. All areas have been contacted and offered training in viewing invoices via Banner BDMS. Any area that feels they need additional training or support, please contact and someone will arrange for support or training as needed.

As of August 1st, access to Liberty to view invoices will be closed. At that point, all queries for invoice documentation will need to be conducted via the Banner BDMS interface.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Also, if your area is interested in scanning and indexing your invoices within your area – please contact

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