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  • January FY2013 is now open

The month of January is now open in Banner Finance. If you are entering documents that are not expected to be completed and approved before the end of the day on December 31, then please enter them with January dates. This will reduce the number of documents that will need to be disapproved and re-entered with new dates.

  • 2013-B2-1 Change to Payroll Web Time Entry Deadline for Employee Hours Submission

Effective the first payroll in 2013, the employee WTE submission deadline will be extended to 1:30 pm. This allows employees additional time to enter and submit their time for approval. The 1:30 pm deadline is a “hard” deadline, which means that employees will NOT be able to update or submit their time record afterward as they could with the previous 9:30 am “soft” deadline.

One area impacted by this change is WTE submissions returned to employees for correction after 1:30 PM. Any submissions returned to an employee for correction after 1:30 pm CANNOT be resubmitted by the employee. Instead, assistance will be required for resubmission from the unit’s Superuser.

If an approver changes an employee’s time submission after the 1:30 pm deadline, the approver is required to communicate the change to the employee and that the employee acknowledge acceptance of the change. This communication must be retained in the employee’s file for at least 4 years to ensure compliance with the state’s payroll and record keeping requirements (NH State regulation Lab 803.03.f.2) for automated time keeping systems, like Banner WTE. An email communication and acknowledgment are acceptable as an electronic signature provided the email contain sufficient detail to itemize the original submission and the change made to it.

WTE submissions, original or changes that have been authorized by the employee and the approver comply with the NH State regulation for payroll and recordkeeping requirements. The on-line transaction, including approvals will be retained for the required time frame.

The approver’s deadline will remain at 9:00 pm.

Feel free to contact USNH Payroll if you have questions about the WTE process or your Campus HR Office if you have questions about employee record keeping requirements.

  • Changes to email addresses used for PCard notices


Recently, it has been brought to our attention that users have been experiencing issues with the email address they are able to use for PCard notices. This has been a particular issue when the user is an Account or Business Manager and also a student at any of our campuses. The problem lies in improvements made to maintain the validity of email addresses in use in Banner Finance/HR by creating processes to keep the Campus (CM) email addresses up-to date.

The Campus (CM) address is what is generally used for the email address for all business communications from Banner Finance/HR including notifications to PCard Account and Business Managers. The automated process that is now running to keep email addresses up to date has a hierarchy in place as to which email address a person may have at their campus is to be used for the Banner Finance/HR CM address. In this hierarchy - at UNH - the Wildcat email address is selected, if it exists, over any other campus email address the user may have.

Due to this improvement, which was implemented last spring, if an Account or Business Manager at UNH is also a Student - the email for all PCard related activity has been being emailed to their Wildcat account and we have not been able to alter that. While this is may be appropriate for an individual's own PCard data and there is NO PII information in any of the emails - we agree that this is not appropriate for email messages the Account and Business Managers receive involving charges made by others.


To address the issue, we have modified the PCard notification process to allow use of a different email address when required, or desired.

Beginning next week, December 17th, 2012, if a user has a PCard email address defined in Banner Finance/HR - the PCard email address will be used for all PCard communications both for their personal purchases and for messages they receive as Account or Business Managers.

If you would prefer to receive your PCard notices at a different email address than you currently are receiving them at - please send email to your Campus PCard Administrator requesting a change to your PCard (PCRD) email address and provide the email address you wish to use. Your campus card administrator will update your PCard email address in Banner Finance/HR and the change should take effect within a few days of receipt.

This address will not be updated by any process going forward. Which means if you have a need to change your email address for this purpose you will need to do so manually with a new request.

Although this was initiated by an issue at UNH for Account and Business Managers, the modifications made to the process supports a different address for card holders and managers at all campuses.

We hope this addresses an identified need as well as provides a more appropriate distribution of information for Account and Business Managers to receive business related information.

If you have any questions please contact your campus PCard administrator or email

  • USNH Financial Services Holiday Calendar published

Coverage planning for the holiday break in December for all offices within USNH Financial Services is avaliable at this location: 2012-USNH Financial Services Holiday Calendar.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the appropriate area for more details or send email to for assistance.

  • IRS milage reimbursement rate changes effective 1/1/2013

IRS has announced that 2013 Standard Mileage Rate for business travel will increase by one cent to 56.5 cents per mile on January 1, 2013 (IRS Notice 2012-72, released 11/21/2012).

The USNH mileage reimbursement rate for the business travel for those using a personal vehicle in the U.S. will also increase to 56.5 cents per mile driven.

Note: In the event that a Campus sets a different mileage reimbursement rate than the USNH rate, the Campus Financial Services Office will communicate directly with their travelers.

The USNH Personal Reimbursement Form will be updated to reflect the 56.5 cent mileage rate effective 1/1/2013. The form can be found at USNH Personal Reimbursement Forms. Reimbursement of mileage prior to this date will be paid at the rate in effect at the date of travel. These rates can be found on the USNH Financial Services Mileage Rates Web Site.

If you have any questions, please contact USNH Accounts Payable via email at USNH Accounts Payable or via phone at (603-862-1474)

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