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  • eInvoice Images automatically populated into BDMS

Images of eInvoices for goods purchased on-account with eProcurement are now automatically available in BDMS

You can now access the invoice document image as soon as you get the email that the charge has been submitted to Banner for your approval. This can be called via FAIINVE, FAAINVE and FOAUAPP, and generally from any form where the invoice document number is present.

If you encounter any forms you believe should be able to get to the invoice but find you cannot, please let us know at

Remember to go to the USNH eProcurment launch page for the latest vendors available and stats on use.

Thank you and happy eProcuring!

  • Invoice Issue in BDMS has been resolved

Issue in BDMS has been resolved

The BDMS issue has been resolved by our wonderful ECG staff. All eInvoice documents that did not get placed into BDMS have been recovered and are processing.

Sorry for any inconvenience - thanks to ECG for getting this back for us - have a great weekend

  • Users are currently experiencing problems with Invoice documents and BDMS

Issues with Invoice documents and BDMS

We are currently experiencing an issue adding new Invoice documents to BDMS. This is also impacting the new process that automatically loads the eInvoices from Unimarket.

When users try to import Invoice documents in the BDMS application the web browser will simply stop responding.

When the BDMS window is closed it may also close your Banner session.

This issue is not effecting the ability to view Invoice documents in BDMS at this time.

We are investigating the issue and we will provide more information when it is available.

  • Be aware - Email Scammers are busy

CIOs caution regarding Email Scam messages increasing

Please be aware of new types of scams as listed below as well as the ever-present "your mail box is full" message, which look pretty real sometimes.

If you have doubts or concerns about any particular message please contact your campus Help desk and let them know what is happening. If it is legitimately from anywhere within USNH - they can inform you of that.

If you should happen to get caught by one of these types of things, and subsequently your system appears to be acting erratically (well maybe more erratically than normal) please contact your campus help desk or IT support area, so your system can be swept for any viruses or other nasty things.

The sooner these things get caught the less damage they can commit not only to USNH resources but also to other colleagues, family and friends you may email during the course of the day.

Message from the CIOs and your campus IT Security team

The holidays have passed but for scammers deceit and fraud are always in season. USNH is experiencing an upsurge in emails with an old scam: messages pretending to be from Fedex, UPS or the Post Office informing you of a failed package delivery (even if you haven't ordered anything).

The unexpected scam email may tell you to click on a link to print the delivery details or go to a website for a receipt. Don't do it!

With many of us preparing and filing our tax forms, the scammers have also begun to send fake emails claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service with important information about your taxes. The IRS will never send or ask for taxpayer information by email. Delete any such message and purge it from your Deleted folder.

Never, ever click on links in, or reply to, an unexpected email. Replying to the email may confirm to the scammer that your address is authentic which will make you a target for further attacks.

If you are unsure about the legitimacy of any email message, contact the sender by phone using a publically available phone number or by going directly to the institution's website. Your campus Help Desk may also be available to assist in validating legitimate messages.

Please help us spread the word to the campus.

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