June 2013

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  • AP and Student Check Run Schedules for Week of July 1, 2013

The check and ACH schedules for the Holiday week of Independence Day will be adjusted as follows to facilitate the deliverance of payments in a timely manner. Keep in mind that the transactions and document entry schedules maybe impacted.

Week of July 1 - 5, 2013

Accounts Payable

Monday, July 1st

  • AP ACH @ 8 AM (normal)
  • AP Checks @ 8 AM (normal)

Wednesday, July 3rd @ 11:00 AM

  • AP ACH (moved from Thursday)
  • AP Checks (moved from Thursday)

Student Rebates

Monday, July 1st

  • PSU Student ACH (normal)

Tuesday, July 2nd

  • UNH student ACH (normal)
  • UNH student checks (normal)
  • GSC student checks (normal)

Wednesday, July 3rd

  • PSU Student ACH (normal)
  • PSU Student checks (moved up from Thursday)
  • UNH student ACH (moved up from Thursday)
If you have any questions or concerns please contact USNH Accounts Payable at 862-1474 or via email at accounts.payable@usnh.edu.

  • FY 2013-2014 Old Year/New Year Update

All New Year Budgets from Budget Development have been successfully posted. HR FY2014 Salary and Fringe encumbrances have been calculated in HR and posted successfully in finance. The encumbrance number for this activity is PR140001. HR is now in FY2014.

A few reminders related to Old Year/New Year processing;

  • Purchase orders and general encumbrances should be finalized, as appropriate, in preparation for the encumbrance roll which will occur on Sunday, June 30.
  • All general encumbrances will be closed as of Sunday, June 30; no general encumbrances will be carried over into the New Year.
  • FY2013 Payroll encumbrances (encumbrance document number PR130001) will be closed on Wednesday, July 10.

On Sunday, June 30;

  • The system will be closed to users from 8 AM - 12 PM.
  • The encumbrance roll for qualified Old Year Purchase Orders will occur (see the Old Year/New Year document for details).
  • The general ledger balances will be rolled.
  • Unimarket will be unavailable until Monday, July 1.
  • FY 2013 Open Service Provider/Independent contractor Agreement Purchase Orders

In preparation for Year End, a list of Service Provider/Independent Contractor Agreement Purchase Orders that a currently open is available by campus and unit. Per the Old Year/New Year document, all Service Provider/Independent Contractor Agreement Purchase Orders associated with non-Plant or non-Grant funds will be closed on June 30th - regardless of their balance. With that in mind, as a convenience, a listing of all open items as of the morning of May 30 is provided by area. Please review these items in preparation for year end.

  • Improvements in Month-End processing

For May 2013 month-end a new process will be run which will address date issues for documents remaining in approvals. Since we went live with Banner Finance, any transaction that had a transaction date of the current month which remained in approvals when month-end ran, had to go through a manual process to disapprove and then update the document.

  • Central office staff have gone in and disapproved any documents that were not yet approved and which had a transaction date of the month that was being closed.
  • The user would then have to go to the appropriate Banner form and manually alter the transaction date to be in the new month.
  • Then the user would complete the document so that it could then go back into approvals.
  • Any approvals that had previously been applied had to be applied again so that the transaction could be posted.

As of May 2013 month end, a process will be taking care of this for you. This process will be run as part of the month-end close processing and it will update the transaction date on any item that is complete but not yet fully approved and posted. So for May - any document in approvals as of tonight, May 31st, will have its transaction date changed to June 1, 2013. It will remain in approvals and the user will not need to take any additional action beyond completing the required approvals.

For this month, May 2013, - it will occur on Saturday, June 1st in the morning. So by the time you come to work on Monday, June 3rd, there should be no transactions that have been rejected for a date issue awaiting your attention and re-approvals. The process will be run on the last day of each month as part of the month-end closing processes for all other month ends.

This will also be very helpful for those involved in eInvoicing. eInvoices are processing based on the date of receipt - so often activity that occurred on the last day or so of each month continually required user intervention. As of this month-end - that will no longer be the case!

Other impacts of this process

As the date issues will be addressed by this date process. As of July 2013 month end the next month, August 2013, will no longer be opened early for processing. The primary reason for this occurring has been related to an attempt to minimize the additional work this imposed on staff due to the date issues. This new process will take care of it for you, making the practice no longer necessary.

  • July will close on July 31st and August will be opened for processing on August 1st,
  • August will close on August 31st and September will be opened for processing on September 1st, etc.

Year end is of course an exception to this. Only invoice transactions will be "re-dated" for processing on June 30th. Again, this has historically been managed manually between central office staff disapproving the document and the users having to update the dates since all the POs would have been rolled into the new year as of 6/30. However, having a date of 6/30 on a journal voucher transaction on 6/30 is not necessarily wrong - it could be quite properly be a 13th month entry.

Also, no documents will be "re-dated" when 13th month is closed. User transactions will not generally be an issue at this time so it should be unnecessary to make date changes in an automated manner.


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