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  • Audited Financial Report for FY 2013 has been posted

  • Upgrade to Banner General 8.6, Finance 8.8, HR 8.9, Workflow 8.1, BDMS 8.5 and WISE 8.9

The Banner Finance/HR upgrade will be implemented in BPRD this coming weekend, November 1st to the 4th, 2013.  This will require system downtime when users will be unable to access either Banner Finance/HR, Banner workflow, BDMS or WISE.  Then the newly upgraded environments will be available by 7 AM on Monday, November 4th, 2013.

October month end will occur on Thursday, October 31st as usual.  Due to the fact that this week’s payroll has checks dated for November 1st, the payroll data for this week’s activity will not be interfaced into Banner Finance until early Friday, November 1st, morning.


During this time users will not be able to enter transactions or perform any queries in Banner Finance/HR, Banner Workflow, BDMS, or in WISE. 

Downtime Begins:             Friday, 11/01/2013 at 5:00 PM

Downtime Ends:                Monday, 11/04/2013 at 7:00 AM

Production changes related to the upgrade:

  • Unimarket will be unavailable during this downtime.
  • TouchNet activity (UNH Mall) will be open for orders, but those orders will not update in Banner Finance until after the system has been released to the users
  • Payroll interface to Finance for Friday night is cancelled – the next interface will occur on Monday evening as usual
  • Budget development will run late Sunday, November 3rd, presuming the upgrade is on schedule by that time.

Upgrade Schedule

This is the detailed schedule of activities for the upgrade.

Day Time Description
Friday, November 1st 5 PM DBAs will close out all user access to BPRD, workflow, BDMS and WISE
Saturday, November 2nd Thru Noon DBAs backup current database, install new applications, forms and processes as well as updated USNH code as needed
Saturday, November 2nd Thru 4 PM SysAdmins upgrade all necessary middleware as needed
Saturday, November 2nd 4 PM Finance/HR IT developers verify the installation
Saturday, November 2nd 7 PM Finance/HR IT developers sign off
Saturday, November 2nd 7 PM on FAST/HRIS review the installation
Sunday, November 3rd Noon FAST/HRIS sign off
  5 PM Normal production schedules will resume
Monday, November 4th By 7 AM BPRD, Workflow, BDMS and WISE is open to the users

Changes related to the upgrade for Banner Finance related actions or items:

  • Banner Finance will be upgrading from version 8.7 to 8.8.
  • Banner Application Xtender will be upgrading to version 6.5 SP2
  • Banner BDM will upgrade to version 8.5

There are not many changes that will impact the users in any of these upgrades.  The most significant are

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