Archived data from prior periods is available in the FYI Archive.

Effective 7/1/2008 the standard IRS and USNH mileage reimbursement rate for the use of personal vehicles on USNH business has increased to 58.5 cents a mile. This reflects an increase of eight cents per mile from the 50.5 cent rate in effect for the first six months of 2008, and according to the IRS is in recognition of the significant increase in gasoline prices.

The USNH Travel Reimbursement Form found at Travel Forms has been updated to reflect the increase in the mileage rate for employee business use of their vehicles.

If you have any questions, please contact USNH Financial Services at

Several questions have been asked about the status of the HR encumbrances as the amounts left for encumbrances in the HR system data are all now zero while there remain some encumbered funds in the finance system.

This is not a mistake - this is due to the new process we implemented a year ago when we brought Banner 7.x live called ReCasting.

ReCasting has provided utility to minimize the variances between the finance encumbrance values and those reported in the HR data. When finance closes encumbrances for the old year - all the values for the HR encumbrances in finance will also end up at zero. Again, to support the two systems being in sync, as the HR roll to the new year occurs the HR encumbrances are zeroed out as well.

The HR new year generally has to begin in advance of the actual year end. It is primarily dependant upon the processing time frame for the first pay that will contain new year dates. HR rolled into the new year last weekend, the evening of June 20th. As we rolled HR into the new year - the encumbrance values were calculated to properly liquidate the remaining payrolls and then zero out the remaining encumbrance values. These feeds have been generated, but have been held to allow finance reports to reflect the appropriate value of the encumbrances through each of the upcoming payrolls.

All HR encumbrances in finance will be brought to zero on July 1st. Until that time - there will be variances between the finance encumbrances and HR encumbrances with the finance items showing some remaining amounts while all the values in HR are zero.

The Old Year/New Year document states that finance new year will not be open until June 26th. As was indicated in the FYI on Monday, June 23rd, the finance new year was opened and left opened on June 20th after the HR new year roll. We were attempting to keep the encumbrances in HR for the old year open as long as we could to avoid some of the issues that arise at this point of the year; however our testing did not support our expectation.

What this means is that Reqs can be processed into the system now for the new year - they MUST have a 7/1/2008 transaction date, or they will become old year reqs and subsequently old year POs on conversion.

Some dates have changed reflecting changes in the UNH Holiday Schedule See updated Schedule here

All New Year Budgets from Budget Development have been successfully posted. HR FY2009 Salary and Fringe encumbrances have been calculated in HR and posted successfully in finance. The encumbrance number for this activity is PR090001. HR is now in FY2009.

A few reminders related to Old Year/New Year processing;

  • Purchase orders and general encumbrances should be finalized, as appropriate, in preparation for the encumbrance roll which will occur on Monday, June 30.
  • Just prior to the encumbrance roll on Monday, June 30, purchase orders on non-grant related activity with $0 balances will be closed.
  • All general encumbrances will be closed as of Monday, June 30; no general encumbrances will be carried over into the New Year.
  • FY2008 Payroll encumbrances (encumbrance document number PR080001) will be closed on Tuesday, July 1.

On Monday, June 30;

  • The system will be closed to users at 5 PM.
  • The encumbrance roll for qualified Old Year Purchase Orders will occur (see the Old Year/New Year document for details).
  • The general ledger balances will be rolled.

Please refer to the FY08-09 Old Year/New Year document and/or the FY08-09 Important Dates list for additional details.

The encumbrance process for HR encumbrances which ran at 1 AM Tuesday, June 10th was inadvertently set to the end of June rather than the end of May. This resulted in many of the encumbrances for HR positions being almost fully liquidated in Banner as of this morning.

Please note - the data in MR reports on tuesday, June 10th is accurate - the miss-calculation took place after the MR snap from Monday night.

We are taking steps to correct this data before the MR snap on Tuesday, June 10th so that MR reports will not be impacted and will be back in sync with the Banner data.

FIS Steering requested a listing of all open service provider agreements be published in early June for departmental review.

As a reminder, all of these POs will be closed on June 30th regardless of their balance at that time.

The list by responsible area is available here. If you have any questions, please contact your campus purchasing office.

ACH payments for employee reimbursement debeats on June 5th. The first group of reimbursements to employees who also have direct deposit for their payroll will be disbursed electronically for any pending reimbursements.

The employee will receive a remittance advice via email for all staff who have a current email address on file in the Finance/HR system. For those who do not, they will receive a remittance advice via campus mail.

The Old Year/New Year document is available in PDF online. This includes contacts, schedules, carry forward, encumbrance roll, system availability dates, etc.

A list of important dates for this year end close is now available.

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