University System of New Hampshire
Financial and Administrative Procedures

Appendix J
Issued By: Campus Purchasing Departments
Issued: 04/15/97

Account Manager An individual in your department designated to be your liaison to your Campus Card Administrator. This is the individual you are required to submit your receipts to in a timely manner, will attend to any of your required distributions of your expenses, who will review and reconcile your monthly statements, and will retain receipts and statement for future reference.
Allowable Purchases Categories of expenses which have been identified for card purchases. The list is in Procedure 9-204, What Can I Use the Card For?
Approved Limits Each card has a total of five limits; two dollar limitations, a number of transactions per day and month, and a limit on the Standard Industry Code (SIC) groups that are enabled.

The dollar limits:
Per Transaction - the maximum amount that may be charged to the card on any single purchase. This includes any shipping and handling, insurance, or other applicable fees.
Per month - the maximum dollar amount which may be charged against the card during any monthly cycle.
The number of transaction limits:
Per day - the maximum number of purchases per day
Per month - the maximum number of purchases per month
The SIC limitation:
This will prevent the card from being used at any supplier whose SIC is not included in the group authorized for this card.
Business Manager The designated person responsible for the business activity within an area or department. In some cases, the account manager and the business manager may be the same person.
Campus Card Administrator Administrator of the Purchasing Card program at your campus with designated authority for Purchasing Card issuance and training. This is your liaison with the bank.
Cardholder Individual named on the Purchasing Card who has signed the cardholder agreement and is responsible for that card, compliance with all policies and procedures, and to ensure the business purpose of all purchases made with that card.
Contracted Suppliers Suppliers with whom your purchasing offices have competitively bid and negotiated more favorable pricing, terms and conditions.
Default Account An account or purchase order in CUFS which has an active expense budget line and is identified on the card application form. This account or purchase order will be used to pay all charges made on the Purchasing Card unless the account manager chooses to distribute/correct the charges to another account.
Disputed Purchases Any charge applied against a Purchasing Card which the cardholder disagrees with amounts, quantity or the validity of the charge.
Distribution/Correction A mechanism within the HUM environment that allows relocation of charges from the default account provided by the cardholder to an account specified by the cardholder or manager after the purchase has taken place.
Fraudulent Use of the Card A purchase made with the Purchasing Card which the cardholder understood to be in violation of institutional policies and procedures. This purchase was made in spite of this knowledge in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain or to circumvent current policies or procedures. Such purchases may result in disciplinary action, as outlined in Procedure 9-202, Role and Responsibilities.
HUM The Human Resources and financial Update and inquiry Mechanism. Designed by USNH's MIS staff to manage our human resource processes, functions and services.
Limits See Approved Limits, above.
Misuse of the Card Inappropriate purchases, that may be within policy, but are outside the recommended uses and practices considered applicable to the Purchasing Card. Such purchases may require disciplinary action as outlined in Procedure 9-202, Role and Responsibilities.
MCC Merchant Category Code. A number which encompasses a group of Standard Industry Codes (SIC). This group may be inclusive or exclusive, as selected by the campus/institution to represent their expenditure practices. It is designed to restrict the types of goods which may be purchased with the card.
On-Campus Providers Campus departments which furnish goods to other departments. (ie. printers from the University Technology Center, copies from Printing Services, etc.)
Point of Sale Location where the Purchasing Card is presented for payment of goods.
Preferred Suppliers Suppliers who accept a Purchasing Card where the campuses purchase goods on a frequent basis.
Purchasing Card The plastic card issued by the Bank in the name of USNH and its member institutions. This card is issued to an individual employee to use for purchases specific to University or College business. This functions similarly to a personal credit card, except the debt belongs to USNH.

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