Travelers requiring a rental vehicle at an off-campus location should obtain the most cost and energy efficient rental agreement. For UNH, KSC, PSU, Chancellor's Offices, GSC and UNH-M travelers, the campus Purchasing Office should be contacted for information on current rental vehicle contracts. In general, subcompact or compact vehicles are considered appropriate and reasonable for USNH travelers. Reservations may be made through the campus approved travel agency when applicable (see Procedure 7-003, Approved Travel Agency). Travelers with AAA or AARP memberships may receive discounts which exceed those negotiated by USNH and are encouraged to use those discounts.


    The preferred payment method for vehicle rentals from USNH-contracted local rental agencies is the USNH purchasing card. This applies to UNH, KSC, PSU, Chancellor's Offices, GSC and UNH-M travelers. If the USNH purchasing card is used to rent a vehicle, insurance coverage is provided. All other vehicle rentals should be charged to a personal credit card that provides full collision damage waiver coverage.


    1. USNH employees using the USNH purchasing card for travel in the U. S. and certain overseas destinations should decline the CDW (collision damage waiver) and LDW (loss damage waiver) as this coverage is provided based on the Master Card Guide to Benefits associated with the USNH purchasing card. Travelers using the USNH purchasing card will not be reimbursed for CDW or LDW charges if they accept the coverage or choose to use another means of payment, unless pre-approved in writing by the USNH Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs. Travelers with a USNH purchasing card should contact JPM Chase at 1-800-316-6056 prior to travel to inquire about insurance coverage for overseas rentals. If separate coverage is required, a written explanation on the travel expense voucher as well as supporting documentation is necessary for reimbursement of the CDW charges.
    2. Travelers who are not employees of USNH, including spouses, job applicants, guest speakers, colleagues of employees and USNH students, will have CDW and LDW coverage under the Master card contract only if (a) their names are on the vehicle rental agency contract at the time the vehicle is picked up and (b) the vehicle rental is charged to a USNH purchasing card. Otherwise, non-employees traveling on USNH business are not covered for CDW or LDW under USNH policies. These travelers should purchase both CDW and LDW and request reimbursement from USNH. Travelers should verify coverage with the rental agency prior to allowing non-employees to drive rental vehicles. If in doubt, only the USNH employee renting the vehicle should drive the vehicle.
    3. In the event of an accident with a rental vehicle charged to the traveler's USNH purchasing card, the traveler should contact JPM Chase at 1-800-316-6056. International collect calls (847-488-3748) will be accepted. JPM Chase representatives will handle the issue with the rental agency. JPM Chase contract provides complete coverage for any damage. The USNH PCard Program Administrator must also be notified of the accident as soon as possible.
    4. In the event of an accident with a vehicle rental charged using the USNH-contracted local vehicle rental agency, the employee should contact the USNH Treasurer's Office.

    1. Reimbursable expenses include rental fees, gasoline charges, parking, tolls and other operating costs such as flat tires, wiper blades, etc.
    2. Non-reimbursable expenses include parking tickets, fines and penalties, towing charges, accidents, theft, and purchased insurance (CDW and LDW) for employee-rented vehicles charged to a USNH purchasing card.