University System of New Hampshire
Financial and Administrative Procedures

Procedure 9-203

Issued By: Campus Purchasing Departments
Issued: 04/15/97

Daily Transactions from Bank
USNH will receive transactions from the bank electronically on a daily basis. The cardholder, account manager, and business manager may elect to receive notification of new charges as they are received. These transactions will be available for frequent review through the HUM database.

All transactions must be supported by original documentation demonstrating the business purpose which is submitted by the cardholder to the account manager. It should agree with the transactions as seen on line, as to dollar amount and vendor names. Should the account manager see some activity they have no knowledge of, or documentation for, they will immediately contact the cardholder.

Cardholders can attach notations to the documentation requesting that a purchase be expensed against an account other than the default account. If this is the case, the account manger will process the change through the HUM database. Since only a limited time is provided for these changes, it is important for the cardholder to provide this information on a timely basis.

HUM Database
As the transactions are received they are matched to the cardholder data in the HUM environment. The combined data is appended to the card transaction data set. From there CUFS PV documents are created and fed to CUFS on a nightly basis.

The detailed transactions are available to the cardholder, the account manager and the business manager for review on the HUM database at any time. This is not restricted to month end activity and users are encouraged to review activity regularly. All transactions are available in HUM for historical reference but may not be distributed/corrected after the 15 day cycle. Transactions available within the HUM database reflect the last accounting made by the department. They are also available for review on the CUFS database.

Charges on HUM/CUFS
Charges should appear on the HUM database within 24 - 72 hours after the charge has taken place. This time frame can be extended by an item being out of stock or working with a supplier who processes manually. Typically the supplier will notify the cardholder by mail if an item is on backorder and the card should not be charged until the item is shipped.

Transactions will appear in CUFS as PV documents whose numbers begin with MC. These transactions can be seen in CUFS as individual transactions. (i.e., a single purchase from the hardware store will be a single PV in CUFS) Any distribution/corrections, both the original transaction and the distributed/corrected transactions, are available in CUFS, as well as in the detail ledger files in 1032.

There may be occasions where a charge needs to be transferred to an account other than the default account. The account manager has 15 days from the time that USNH originally receives the charge to make any necessary transfer. After 15 days no account distribution will be allowed through HUM.

Month End Reports
Each month, you, the cardholder, your account manager, and your business manager may receive detailed statements of all activity for cards for which you are responsible. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to review the statement, or to review the transactions on line, for accuracy. Any charges that are in dispute should follow the dispute process, referenced in this guide. (See Procedure 9-209, Disputed Purchases).

The account manager will reconcile these statements and attach the supporting documentation provided by the cardholder for each charge. These reconciled statements with the supporting documentation, must be retained in the department as detailed in Procedure 9-208, Documentation and Record Retention.

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