University System of New Hampshire 
Financial and Administrative Procedures

Procedure 9-204
Issued By: Campus Purchasing Departments
Issued: 04/15/97 

The Purchasing Card program provides departments with a way to make allowable, small dollar, high volume purchases for campus business. Purchases made cannot exceed the approved limits associated with your card. The total purchase price is inclusive of shipping charges and any miscellaneous fees associated with the transaction. Purchases may not be split into several transactions to stay under the limits.

Purchases must be for the use and benefit of the University System of New Hampshire and its member institutions. Under no circumstances are unauthorized purchases allowed.

Consequences of misuse may include the possible loss of your card and/or payment to the institution for unauthorized purchases.

Fraudulent use of the card may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Here is a list of the types of expenses for which the Purchasing Card CAN be used.


There may be additional restrictions on Grant/Contract related purchases. (See Procedure 9-211, Grants and Contracts Controls.)

This is a list of the types of expenses for which the Purchasing Card CANNOT be used.


The Purchasing Card does not signal a change in policy regarding compliance in purchasing from contracted suppliers.

The Campus Purchasing Department negotiates and issues contracts that will provide the “least total cost” arrangements for goods and services.

In order to assure the campus community of “least total cost,” goods and services must be purchased from the contracted supplier when a contract exists. (See USNH Contracts Listing.)

Please use these suppliers whenever possible. Information on the contracts available to the University communities can be found in the CONTRACT table in HUM and in the USNH Contracts Listing.)

When using your Purchasing Card for purchases from contracted suppliers (either in person or by phone), emphasize to the supplier that this is a USNH, UNH, PSC or KSC purchase (whichever is applicable) to ensure the proper discounts and tax exemption are applied.

Some contracted suppliers have account numbers assigned specifically to your department. You will need to supply the account number to the order entry person taking your order and in most cases they will prompt you for the number since you have made the supplier aware that you are from USNH, UNH, PSC or KSC. For example: Boise Cascade will need your account number and consignee number when placing your order. When ordering through Boise Cascade, using your Purchasing Card, you will need to provide the following information:

Using UPG as an example, your account/consignee number should be 239615UPGCCC. This number is very similar to the number you are currently using with Boise Cascade when placing orders using a purchase order, except purchases using purchase orders have 3 zeros in place of the 3 Cs.

Another example of suppliers having assigned specific account numbers per department are Fisher Scientific and VWR Scientific. The account numbers you use with both suppliers when ordering with a purchase order should be used for any credit card purchase as well. For example: the Fisher account number for Zoology is 849605-04 and the VWR account number for Zoology orders is 87-528704. Two distinctively different numbers; two different suppliers. If you do not know your account numbers, contact your account manager or your campus purchasing office.

If you find that you are making frequent and routine purchases for the same commodity or types of commodities and find no contract exists, please contact your purchasing office. Purchasing can work with you in establishing a contract for the products you purchase on a regular basis. Or we can negotiate a more favorable discount structure with better terms and conditions.

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